“Don’t answer that door until I lose 15 pounds”

Episode Title: Kimmy Can’t Help You!
Original Air Date: May 19, 2017
Episode Number: 3×03

Episode Description

A surprise visitor delivers divorce papers to Kimmy. Jacqueline comes up with a plan to get Russ’s dad to rename the Redskins.

My Review

Titus being a good person and wanting to help Wendy in the end was really nice and I’m glad that Kimmy did end up helping Wendy, too. She was deluded as hell and had very low self-esteem so it must be painful for them both to see her being so enamored with the horror that is Rev. Richard. Laura Dern played Wendy’s desperation and delusions of marital bliss perfectly.

Titus was being a good friend to Kimmy at first in advising her not to get involved with Richard’s mess, but after seeing how badly Wendy needed to be saved from Richard, he changed his mind and did the right thing. Poor Kimmy having to figure out another way to finance her college education.

Jacqueline marrying into Russ’ family…I hope Russ recovers and that he and Jacqueline will have a plan to have the family change the team name to something less racist. I think that it’s sweet that Jacqueline really and truly loves Russ and is not just with him for his money.

Best sight gag was a toss-up between Titus drinking pasta sauce and the meth head’s printer setup.


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