“They let a warlord into a human rights conference?”

Episode Title: Qatar
Original Air Date: May 21, 2017
Episode Number: 6×06

Episode Description

Selina takes a trip to Qatar; Jonah gets a dinner invitation; Dan has an unexpected visit from an HR rep; Catherine and Marjorie have big news to share.

My Review

My goodness, what an episode. It’s been minutes since it ended and I’m still laughing thinking about the various hilarious scenes and dialogue.

Selina’s speech at the human rights conference (of which the warlord is one of the sponsors, talk about an oxymoron) was so much secondhand embarrassment. I was cringing the whole time as to how she would make that speech not too anti-warlord character. Poor Nyaring having to deal with the incompetence and the joke that is Selina and her crew, lol.

Jonah winning for once over Furlong and getting what he wants in return for his vote was so great, not because he won, but because of how he won it. Shawnee is the secret weapon and she is going to take him places that no one will expect. Just you watch. That dinner at Furlong’s house? Fucking hilarious. When his wife stepped out and then he let Jonah have it, I couldn’t stop laughing. And then she came back and everyone’s all civil again and that’s when Jonah and Shawnee got him to succumb to their wish of Jonah having a new office.

Good for Dan for standing up against sexual harassment because you know it doesn’t usually get reported especially when a woman does it to a man. Dan is going to be quite intolerable after this, though. He now has his own show which is named after him. I wonder how the show will keep him tied to the rest of the cast.

Other hilariously random moments:

– Marjorie and Catherine announcing they’re pregnant only to be one-upped by Selina’s reaction to seeing her picture with the Sudanese warlord (“Oh fuuuuuuuck”)

– Mike and his horrible sunburn…I was laughing so hard at his face and at Selina’s comments about it especially this one: “You look like the world’s least-fucked geisha.”

– “It’s like six degrees of Al Qaeda in here.”

– “He’s a bomber and a photo bomber.”

– “Hamilton wasn’t a president.”
“Then why the fuck did they write a musical about him? No, he was our first Puerto Rican president.”

– “Is it something that you eat or is it something that you already ate?”

– Selina letting Gary walk ahead of her and the kids after he tells her that there are landmines, lol.

– “What’s Qatari for ‘morning after pill’? That’s probably a stoning which would also do the trick.”

– Shawnee calling Ben and Kent “Bent” is genius. I’m really loving her now. She doesn’t take any shit from anybody and is as ruthless as anyone on the show.


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