“Madness has picked a side”

Episode Title: Masks
Original Air Date: May 21, 2017
Episode Number: 3×08

Episode Description

Friends and enemies converge in Victorian London to await the arrival of The Witness. Cole and Railly lead their pursuers on a manhunt through time.

My Review

Oh my word, my inner geek is freaking out over James Callis (aka Baltar from Battlestar Galactica) playing the grown-up Athan/The Witness. That is awesome casting on so many levels! I saw his name in the opening credits, but didn’t remember he was on this episode until the last scene with Athan taking his mask off and then I promptly lost it. So cool.

Battles lines are drawn: Jones/Deacon/Hannah/Olivia/Adler vs. Cole/Cassie/Jennifer/Lasky. I love and hate it at the same time. I love it because this conflict is rife with so much potential for angst and betrayal and the writers can mine so much from this, story-wise. I hate it because I hate seeing this little family fighting and at odds with each other.

Jennifer causing a paradox with her Teddys and using that as a distraction to have Lasky send her to London 1899 was the best thing. I’m still laughing over her conversation with Lasky and how Lasky said that Jones will kill him unless Jennifer had him at gun point and Jennifer makes gun gestures with her hands. I totally lost it. Then I lost it again when she made that epic entrance to save Cole and Cassie with fireworks shooting from her side. Too awesome for words.

Not too awesome was her being locked up in that cage where Olivia was originally held. Poor Jennifer. Her sobbing on the floor and feeling all alone…gosh, Cole and Cassie owe so much to Jennifer and I wish they’d take her with them and have her join their adventures.

It was cute that we got to see Cole and Cassie taking a break from all the doom and gloom by learning to pickpocket and Cassie teaching Cole how to dance. The kiss they shared made me smile…I swear I’m not a shipper, lol. It’s just so nice to see them having a humanizing and normal moment amidst all the craziness of everything.

I actually kinda like the team of Deacon and Hannah doing Jones’ bidding now that Cole and Cassie are no longer on the team. They have much to learn, though. I also liked Jennifer talking to Deacon that if Cassie really wanted him dead, she would have shot his vital organs.

Olivia is out of her cage and is helping the team. This should be interesting. I still don’t trust her. Maybe this was the 12 Monkeys’ plan all along, to have someone on the inside to ensure that The Witness doesn’t get killed. Let’s see how my theory pans out for the next two episodes.


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