“She saved us again. Think we can do this without her?”

Episode Title: Praimfaya
Original Air Date: May 24, 2017
Episode Number: 4×13

Episode Description

It’s a race against the end of the world as Praimfaya arrives forcing our heroes to make impossible decisions to ensure their survival.

My Review

That was a pretty gripping finale episode and a very good one to end this season on a high note. Of course Clarke saved the day again because it’s not a season of The 100 if Clarke is not saving her people. That’s my girl. At least there was no lever for her to push this time around, lol. Eliza must have hated running in that suit and in the snow while shooting this episode. We all know she’s not the most athletic (as per herself) so I sympathize with her having to shoot this episode. It definitely did not look fun.

I didn’t even realize that we only got like five minutes of the people in the bunker (while the rest of the episode was with the Scooby Gang) until the episode was almost finished. I loved Bellamy and Octavia saying goodbye to each other and being supportive of each other. Their reunion is going to be sweet.

Indra telling Octavia “The time of the Commanders is past. The time of the Flame is past. This is your time. Let me help you.” had me cheering. I can’t wait to see more of these two and how their relationship will have changed after six years. I wonder if we’re going to see what life was like in the bunker, in the ship, and in the lab (with Clarke) on the premiere episode just so we have an idea of what everyone went through.

Raven saving everyone’s asses again. Between her and Clarke, they can share the savior title because they have both been vital at saving their people. So great to see Raven finally getting to do her space walk. That was a great payoff. Bellamy giving Raven a pep talk and then later on convincing Echo not to kill herself were very good scenes. Shows us that Bellamy is the heart of this group.

Loved it when Monty hugged Murphy for choosing the machine over him, lol. Murphy’s reaction was priceless. I thought it was sweet when he asked Monty about Harper to distract him from the pain of his irradiated hands. You did good, Murphy. Seeing Emori and Echo’s reactions to Raven floating was adorable. “Grounders in space, it’s an oxymoron.” Indeed it is.

Maddie? Cool. Wonder how Clarke came across her. I’m digging their relationship already, kinda like mentor/mentee. Clarke has a mini-Clarke! And what about that ship? It certainly wasn’t the Scooby Gang? Looked like a prisoner ship? Are the people on the ship going to be the big bad next season?

Speaking of, I wonder how this season would have ended if this was the series finale. Would the writers been bold enough to kill off Clarke to save the gang? One can’t help but wonder. If the show ended that way, I would have liked it because Clarke would have died sacrificing herself to save her people one last time.

I look forward to next season. Should be interesting because in some ways, the time jump would allow the writers to start off the season on a clean slate, if you will.


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