“I’m strangely never more uncomfortable than when I’m comfortable”

Episode Title: Enemy
Original Air Date: May 19, 2017
Episode Number: 3×03

Episode Description

Bonds of trust are tested when Ramse returns to the facility with an old enemy held captive. How far will Cole and Jones go for the answers they need?

My Review

I knew Deacon was alive (it didn’t help the suspense when we’ve seen the actor’s name in the opening credits, lol), but it was still great to see him. The scenes of him recovering and talking to his “dad” got a bit repetitive and boring in the end, but I’m curious to know why one of the 12 Monkeys folks is helping Deacon and Cassie. What is his deal? I want to know more about him. Deacon and Cassie’s reunion was very good and I just hope the writers don’t go there again with the two of them. Let Deacon’s feelings for Cassie no longer be a thing.

That twist in the end, holy shit! Ramse and Olivia’s plan worked and even though they tricked everyone, their plan is the only thing that could potentially defeat the Witness. Only problem is, Ramse has to kill Cassie and there’s no way that Cole will let him. BUT Cole doesn’t know that the Witness is his and Cassie’s son so maybe he’ll change his mind once he finds out the Witness’ origin? Will he sacrifice himself instead of Ramse killing Cassie? Gah, what a predicament.

Jennifer warning Cole and Cole not listening…what else is new, lol. Poor Jennifer. People still don’t take her seriously even after everything that she’s told them which all came true. Jennifer’s treatment of Olivia, acting like she has the plague was very funny.

Jones torturing Olivia using the Machine was fucking cold. Hannah, who’s killed so many people couldn’t even bear to watch because she knows this is not the way. I liked Cole’s plan of going back three months and putting Olivia in a “box”, the one thing that she’s truly afraid of, and breaking down her resolve so that she would tell them about the Witness.

It’s going to hurt so much when Cole finds out Ramse plans on killing Cassie. Ramse telling Cole “Whatever future happens, you are my family in all of them” is going to hurt even more in retrospect for everyone. Oh dear.


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