“Do we start calling you Major Major?”

Episode Title: Eat a Kinevel
Original Air Date: May 23, 2017
Episode Number: 3×08

Episode Description

Liv shares the brain of a former daredevil with her new boyfriend, and the experience brings them closer. Blaine is back to his old ways. Meanwhile, Ravi makes progress in his new research. Finally, a discovery is made that could put Major in grave danger.

My Review

I am so bummed (SO BUMMED) that they killed off Vivian. What the fuck, man? Come on. And they replace her with her brother who seems like a complete and total pill (and I say this as someone who likes Jason Dohring). It would have been a lot better if the head of Fillmore-Graves is a woman (Vivian) instead of Jason’s character. I was hoping to see more of Vivian for the rest of the season so this is quite a shock and such a huge disappointment. This show needs more female characters.

I liked the episode well enough, but my enjoyment of it was tempered by Vivian’s death (I’m still not over it and will never be over it). I liked that Blaine is a zombie again and that he’s back to being old Blaine, always about the money and revenge on his father. The way he planned his father’s “demise” was very smart, but I have a feeling that someone will find him eventually and then they’ll have a big showdown. Not surprised that Blaine and Don E. are working together again. These two are meant to be. Should be interesting to see how Blaine is going to approach Fillmore-Graves.

Was not a fan of the brain Liv was on in this episode because that is the very definition of ASSHOLE and he deserved what happened to him. I don’t blame Rudy at all for killing Finn. I don’t care if I’m going to hell for saying this; it’s just my honest opinion.

I hope Ravi finds out more information on what those zombie seekers are planning. Good thing he got Liv out of there and I can’t believe Liv is stupid enough (must be the asshole brain influencing her decision) to risk getting recognized by Harley.

So funny that we saw the real Rose McIver in this episode as Liv supposedly in disguise as a human, lol. And I’ve always found it interesting that I don’t find Rose attractive, but I find Liv attractive. What’s that about?


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