“You can’t be dating some girl with the Instagram name NipplesAndToes23”

Episode Title: Thanksgiving
Original Air Date: May 12, 2017
Episode Number: 2×08

Episode Description

Over a series of Thanksgivings from the ’90s to the present, Denise settles into her sexuality and faces the challenge of coming out to her family.

My Review

Oh man, I LOVED THIS! There are still two episodes left, but I’m going to go and say that this episode (along with the New York episode) is definitely my favorite this season. So great to see Angela Bassett on this show (such a huge get for the show and I can’t wait to find out how she was cast) playing Denise’s mother and now I want a Thanksgiving episode for the rest of the show’s run. Aunt Joyce was also a lot of fun and such a hoot.

Seeing Denise and Dev growing up was so cool and I love that Dev has been spending Thanksgiving with Denise’s family for as long as he can remember. The moment where Denise comes out to Dev was very nice and lowkey and perfect. Him commenting about all the Jasmine Guy posters was gold.

Of course I also loved Denise’s coming out to her mother and how Catherine was in disbelief at first and then just started to worry about Denise and how this will even make things difficult for Denise: “I don’t want life to be hard for you. It is hard enough being a black woman in this world. Now you want to add something else to that?” It’s pretty realistic and is probably the best outcome that Denise could have hoped for.

Grandma Ernestine was also pretty great. She totally knew that Denise was a lesbian and that Michelle was more than a friend. Grandma’s not an idiot (unlike Nikki aka NipplesAndToes23, lol).

Michelle’s first Thanksgiving was pretty awkward, but I thought the funniest scene was during this time when Dev was yelling across the table to ask Grandma about her yams and Aunt Joyce slamming the table and yelling “She added nutmeg! Don’t you ask another fucking question!” I literally could not stop laughing for a solid minute. I also lost it when Denise and Michelle were acting all cozy and then Catherine holds out her empty glass for a refill and then Aunt Joyce pours her some wine and then takes a swig straight from the bottle. 😂

The second funniest scene was the following year with Nikki coming as Denise’s date and the whole NipplesAndToes23 conversation. I fucking lost it and had to pause the episode because I was laughing so hard. I did the same thing during the “thot” conversation.

“She’s a thot.”
“What’s a ‘thot?'”
“That ho over there.”

Aunt Joyce is a GIFT. More of her and Catherine and Grandma, please.

Just to backtrack to the beginning of the episode with the whole minority conversation which I thought was quite on point.

“Both of you are minorities.”
“What’s a minority?”
“It’s a group of people who have to work twice as hard in life to get half as far, and, Denise, you a black woman, so you gonna have to work three times as hard.”

Everyone’s reactions when Grandma said “Fuck his ass” when someone said “What about Clarence Thomas?” was priceless.

Lastly, the last scene with Michelle and Catherine bonding over Denise’s Ratch hat was very sweet as was Catherine telling Denise “I’m happy for you.” I may or may not have teared up just a little! The last shot of everyone holding hands in a prayer circle was quite poignant. As one commenter said, the circle is now complete.


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