“I’m trying to search your soul for the truth”

Episode Title: Buona Notte
Original Air Date: May 12, 2017
Episode Number: 2×10

Episode Description

Just as Dev’s personal life reaches a tipping point, disturbing revelations throw his professional life into turmoil, too.

My Review

This was just an okay finale, but still very good. We were spoiled with the high quality of the episodes for this season so this finale was a bit of a slight let down. Dev loses his job and he might have lost Francesca. Definitely not looking good for him.

Not at all surprised about Chef Jeff being a sexual predator. He had that vibe about him and my alarm went off when he made that comment about Lisa and why Dev is not hitting that. Sucks that this leaves Dev unemployed, but such is the life of a struggling actor, right? It was nice to see Shannon again (Taystee!!!) and I laughed when he looked into Dev’s eyes to see if he’s telling the truth.

The Raven cameo was random, but very funny. Dev’s unintentional Raven pun was gold. “I don’t think you can see into the future”

Not cool of Dev to accuse Francesca of just using him. I’m sure he was just saying it because he’s hurt, but still. That was very insensitive. The two of them pretending to meet for the first time and dancing to the Italian music was very sweet as was the kissing through the glass pane. Very cheesy, but it worked for me and for these characters.

Now that ending. I’ve read several theories about it being a flashforward and that Francesca broke up with Pino and stayed behind in New York to be with Dev because she wasn’t wearing her ring. My crazy theory is a crazy one because I don’t think I have come across anyone else coming up with this.

Here goes: the last scene is a flashback to that blizzard where Francesca stayed the night in Dev’s apartment. I think that they slept that night and that she’s pregnant with his child and this is why it’s making things a lot more difficult for her to make a decision. Remember that one episode where she didn’t have any drinks and where she was feeling down and kept saying she’s tired? Yes, she might have been pregnant then. And I know that she was wearing her ring when she shared the bed with Dev, but what if she took it off after and we just didn’t see it? And didn’t Dev tell Arnold that all they did was sleep on the bed and didn’t do anything else? What if he’s lying because he’s ashamed of what they did? I know this is pretty outrageous and is not what I want to see next season, but I’m just sharing my crazy-ass theory, lol.


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