“I don’t want to be lukewarm”

Episode Title: Amarsi un po’
Original Air Date: May 12, 2017
Episode Number: 2×09

Episode Description

When Francesca returns to New York for a month, Dev plays tour guide and finds himself caught in a whirlwind of confusing emotions.

My Review

Well, the second half of this season is definitely the stronger part of season two, but the entirety of this season has been very, very strong. I can’t believe I only have one episode left to watch!

Loved this episode (I sound like a broken record at this point). Francesca and Dev are terrific together and there were so many moments where I kept thinking to myself “OMG, just make a move” and “Kiss her/him!!!!” The tension was definitely killing me so I can only imagine how it must have affected both of them. I love that their relationship started out as friendship and then it evolved into this complicated thing where they realize that they both have feelings for each other. It’s a beautiful thing to fall in love with your best friend, isn’t it?

Francesca has a tough decision ahead of her. She still loves Pino, but like Dev said, if she’s lukewarm about her feelings for Pino, maybe it’s not good to marry him because it will only lead to both of them eventually realizing that Francesca is not happy and that will just lead to heartbreak. She should put a stop to that and let Pino go if she’s not too thrilled about the prospect of going back to Modena and starting a family with him.

On the other hand, it must be a pretty daunting decision for her to make since she’s been with him for 10 years and to leave him because she has this new and exciting thing with Dev? Yes, they seem to be perfect for each other and she moves out to New York, but what if it doesn’t work out? What then? But since I’m rooting for both of them, I want her to stay in New York and be with Dev. Maybe they both are each other’s person and they’ll never know if Francesca goes back to Italy.

I was grinning like an idiot for the entirety of this episode. Both of them are so adorable and made me long to have that feeling with someone and to enjoy the city and see the sights and just live life. Why can’t we all be so lucky? This episode felt like I was watching a romantic comedy and I can’t wait for the conclusion in the next episode. I hope it’s a happy ending.

That museum in upstate New York looked amazing and now I want to go there especially during autumn. You don’t get that anywhere else. Autumn in New York is something else and that’s part of why It’s my favorite season.

How cute was Francesca getting excited about pharmacies and everything sold there? Their texts were also cute especially the kissy emoji and where Francesca winks back at Dev. The “curry people” thing was adorable. Her staying in Dev’s place painful for me because I wanted so bad for them to just say something and talk about their feelings for each other.

That’s why when Dev said “I’m in love with you and you’re engaged”, I fucking cheered because finally! And he didn’t get shot down because Francesca admitted to also having feelings for him. Be still, my heart.

Lastly, the actress playing Francesca is absolutely gorgeous. I was jealous of Dev throughout the entire episode because he got to look at her. That shot of her sleeping in Dev’s bed took my breath away. Yes, I don’t blame Dev at all because I’m a little bit in love with Francesca, too.


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