“We’re scared of our parents”

Episode Title: Religion
Original Air Date: May 12, 2017
Episode Number: 2×03

Episode Description

Back in New York, a visit from observant Muslim relatives puts Dev in a tricky position. He introduces his cousin to a forbidden pleasure: pork.

My Review

Great episode addressing this generation’s views on religion and their parents’ views on religion especially for minorities like me. Kudos to the crew for deftly portraying the divide between the two generations. I share Dev’s views on religion, believing in a higher power and being a good person, but to restrict one’s self of eating something because religion calls for it? Yeah, not my thing either, but more power to those who follow and adhere to their religion’s rules. To each their own.

The scenes of Dev and Navid eating pork were hilarious, but not very appealing to me. Aside from the fact that I don’t eat meat, contrast these scenes with the scenes from Italy of Dev eating pasta non-stop, there’s just no comparison. This is why America is (probably) the most obese country in the world. And yes, I know these scenes were supposed to show us Navid’s introduction to pork and just catching up on what he’s been missing all this time, but the scenes just didn’t appeal to me.

I laughed at Dev’s dad going to him for help with his iPad just to brighten the contrast, lol.


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