“Cab drivers watch movies, too”

Episode Title: New York, I Love You
Original Air Date: May 12, 2017
Episode Number: 2×06

Episode Description

As Dev and friends head to a theater to see the hit movie “Death Castle,” the lives of several ordinary New Yorkers intersect in subtle ways.

My Review

Oh my God, this was a brilliant piece of episodic TV and one of my favorite episodes of this show and of this year. I wasn’t sure where the episode was going and I got it when it segued into the deaf character’s story and then the sound just dropped out. That was pretty bold and gave non-deaf viewers an idea of how deaf people go about their daily lives and it made me appreciate something that we take for granted everyday.

I bet all these doormen in these rich buildings have a lot of stories to tell about the residents in their building. I wonder if they all get together sometimes to talk shit and make fun of their building residents. I didn’t feel sorry at all for that guy who got busted for cheating on his wife. I wanted to give the doorman a high five for telling him off and for being responsible for his actions. Also loved the doorman’s solution to keeping his sanity while at home and living with his mother and mother-in-law: put TVs in their room and you won’t see them, lol. Genius.

The deaf woman’s story cracked me up especially the scene with her friend who kept asking where she buys her stuff. “Fuck You, I’m Not Telling You Where I Buy My Stuff Anymore.” I laughed so hard at this. Her conversation with her boyfriend about her vagina and how he wants to lick it more…I’m laughing just thinking about it all over again. Thanks to this show, now I know the sign for ‘vagina’ so that’s a plus. “Then lick my vagina. It’s not going to lick itself.”

And then the cab driver talking to his friend about the white girls and the nonsense they talk about had me cracking up. I loved how genuinely pissed he was that they spoiled Death Castle for him and how we ended the episode with him sitting next to Dev looking mad that he was spoiled for the twist, lol. I really liked how his friends ended up with those other women in their friend’s workplace. They definitely enjoyed their time there more than if they got into that first club. The Vengabus/Six Flags song…omg, I’m cackling.

That ending was so well done, with everyone watching it. I just thought it was a great and very cool ending to a brilliant episode. 👏


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