“I need to buy some socks”

Episode Title: Missing
Original Air Date: May 17, 2017
Episode Number: 5×22

Episode Description

Black Siren returns to help Chase. Felicity organizes a birthday party for Oliver while Lance is furious after Rene misses the custody hearing for his daughter.

My Review

Oh my, this episode was so enjoyably awesome. I loved every minute of it (aside from that one character coming back and becoming a regular next season) even the flashbacks. Chase is a fucking nutjob, but an enjoyable one. He wasn’t worried at all in getting his way because he knows everything will line up and that Oliver will do what he tells him to do. Again, kudos to Josh Segarra for perfectly nailing Chase’s coolness, psychotic tendencies, smarm, smarts, and villainy. I think he’s as great a villain as Slade aka Deathstroke. Next week’s finale is going to be fantastic.

Let’s start from the beginning. Thea teasing Oliver about his supposed “dinner” aka date with Felicity was cute as hell. I have missed these scenes between the siblings and I want to see more of it next season. It’s really a shame that Willa won’t be a regular any more. Anyway, the surprise birthday party for Oliver was unexpected and should teach all of them never to throw him anymore surprise parties for fear that someone will get hurt, lol. Oliver and Felicity’s scene while the party was winding down…oh, be still my shipper heart. That was golden. I will never get tired of these two idiots just staring at each other with heart eyes.

Lance finding out about Black Siren and then listening to Thea that this isn’t the Laurel that he knows was a nice breath of fresh air. I’m glad that he believed Thea right away and that we don’t have to waste time on this storyline where he’s anguished about hurting this Laurel, blah blah blah. So long as they keep Laurel a villain for next season, I won’t complain too much. She is much better off as an antagonist to Team Arrow than being on Team Arrow.

Loved the return of Nyssa! I must have missed seeing her name in the opening credits because I wasn’t aware she was coming back for these two episodes. Too awesome. Also loved seeing Yao Fei back and of course Slade. Seeing Malcolm again is good as long as he doesn’t overstay his welcome. I love his scenes with Oliver, though, and him not being shy about telling Oliver he’s dumb. “It takes a special kind of idiot to get dumber with time.” I couldn’t stop laughing after he said this.

Next week’s finale is shaping up to be epic with everyone on the island and everyone taking on each other. Team Arrow vs. Team Psycho. Can’t wait.

Other random observations:

– Lord Mesa Bakery. Lord Mesa must be over the moon with that shoutout.

– “You’re worse than a shipper on a soap opera” – Felicity to Curtis aka Co-Captain of USS Olicity (along with Thea)

– Felicity aiming a bazooka (?) at Oliver and yelling “Freeze, jerk wad!” was very funny.

– Nyssa addressing Oliver as “Husband” and Malcolm as “Mr. Merlyn” is amusing.

– “Anybody ever tell you you suck at life?”

– “Relaaaaax. Enjoy the weather.” Chase’s delivery of this line with a smile on his face just cracked me up. Josh is so good at playing psycho.


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