“This establishment serves cruelty-free brains”

Episode Title: Dirt Nap Time
Original Air Date: May 16, 2017
Episode Number: 3×07

Episode Description

When Liv and Clive work together to solve the murder of a very charming, but womanizing, preschool teacher, things get interesting when they bring his jealous girlfriend Piper in for questioning. Meanwhile, Peyton is assigned a very interesting case. Lastly, Blaine finds himself in a bad situation.

My Review

Liv on preschool teacher brain was very amusing especially when she started using puppets to talk to people. I still can’t get over how hilarious that scene in the interrogation room was where Eleanor’s husband started crying when he found out about the affair and Liv pulls out the sock puppet only for Clive to push it back down. Too funny.

Also funny? Liv talking about her boyfriend history with Major and Ravi:

“Maybe you should explain my boyfriend history to him.”
“It is sort of like being the drummer for Spinal Tap.”
[Liv glaring]
“We were all thinking it.”

I laughed for a solid minute. I thought it was interesting that Major didn’t feel the slightest bit of jealousy at Justin being interested in Liv and Liv going for it. Guess they both realize that they can never be together while one is human and the other is a zombie.

Blaine getting shot was unexpected, but there’s no way he’s dead. That goon didn’t pull the trigger for a second time so I wonder if he’ll take up Blaine on his offer. That Don E. is clearly a lot smarter than we and Blaine give him credit for. He’s bought Blaine’s business away from him so what’s going to happen to Blaine now?

I wonder what’s going on with this dominatrix case that Peyton is working on. Who else was on that stolen SD card that was filmed without their knowledge and who is willing to kill the suspect to cover their tracks?

Major is not going to last long working at Fillmore-Graves. I hope that he speaks with Vivian and tells her the truth because that way they can utilize him better instead of him being a soldier and putting his life at risk. There has to be other jobs at the company that are a lot less life-threatening.

If that video of zombie Justin gets out, that’s the end of them keeping the zombie thing under wraps, right? Why didn’t Justin and Major shoot those two with tranq guns? They should have had a better plan.


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