“There’s more than one person I’d like to shoot in this town”

Episode Title: Once Bitten
Original Air Date: March 19, 2017
Episode Number: 1×05

Episode Description

Madeline receives encouraging news about the play from her director, Joseph Bachman, but is left concerned by his newly icy demeanor. Principal Nippal and Ms. Barnes share their conclusions about Ziggy and Amabella with Jane. Celeste has a solo session with Dr. Reisman, who tries to get to the bottom of her relationship with Perry.

My Review

The therapy session with Celeste and the therapist was another highlight of this show. The first one was great and this second one was equally great. Just the raw emotions and the honesty and the realness of the subject matter just make me want to stand up and cheer everyone involved with the show. If Nicole Kidman doesn’t win an Emmy for her role in this, there is no justice.

Celeste repeatedly denying that she is being abused and making excuses for Perry is very real. I don’t have experience in this, but I have been exposed via several media outlets that this is the norm for victims of domestic abuse so it breaks my heart that even with her life in danger, she still would not give up on Perry and would still protect him. Yes, he’s a great father and he seems to treat her like a goddess, but only when he’s not hitting her. The cons outweigh the pros in their relationship and the sooner Celeste realizes this and leaves him, the better her life will be.

Jane going to see her supposed rapist was a bad idea. I don’t think he’s the guy because she freaked out when she realized that it wasn’t him. I wonder if she would have gotten through with shooting him if it was indeed him. Would she do that to Ziggy? Leave him mother-less and let him grow up thinking that his mother killed his father? No, Jane is smarter than that.

Madeline, Madeline, Madeline. I don’t like that she’s lying to Ed, but I fear that when she tells him the truth, that we’ll see the real side of him. There just seems to be a dark side to this guy and it’ll only take one thing to make him snap. And I hope that she puts a stop to the Joseph relationship and just ends things with him. If she values her family and her status in this town, she would do exactly that. Quit volunteering at the theater and focus her attention on something and someone else.

Jane calling Madeline while driving to San Luis Obispo warmed my heart. She called Madeline “you’re my masterpiece and you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.” I love their friendship so much.

The whole Amabella storyline is quite concerning and makes me think that it’s not Ziggy who’s bullying her. I understand why Renata would accuse Ziggy due to what happened at the orientation, but she has no basis for this. Amabella needs to go and see a child psychologist. Maybe then she’ll open up and tell someone who’s doing this to her. The poor girl is clearly traumatized and afraid to say anything for fear that she’ll get in trouble.

The scene with all three friends running was great. At first I thought it was one of Jane’s hallucinations so when I realized it was a real scene, I thought it was very cool.

Madeline trying to spice it up with Ed in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. They just don’t seem to have sexual chemistry so it makes me wonder how they fell in love in the first place. I mean, sexual chemistry is not the be all and end all, but it just seems like Madeline settled for Ed when she married him. I want to know what made her fall in love with him. What makes him so great that Madeline would marry him?

Lastly, Chloe and Madeline banter continues to be the absolute best.

“Watch your mouth, woman.”
“Why are you never playing your loud music when it’s a good time?”


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