“Now I understand why humans have written so many sad songs”

Episode Title: World’s End
Original Air Date: May 16, 2017
Episode Number: 4×22

Episode Description

With the surprising emergence of Ghost Rider, Coulson and the team attempt to stop Aida from ending the world.

My Review

What a fantastic finale to this awesome season! So happy with this season and I feel like this was the show’s best season to date. See, when this show is great, it’s really great and I hope that this momentum continues on for the entire fifth season. I have a feeling it might be the last season for the show (since it’s been moved to Fridays) and if it is, that ABC tells them early on so the writers can plan ahead on how to end the show properly and satisfactorily.

The team’s plan in tricking Aida was very good, but got me all confused at first. So that’s what Jemma and Fitz were doing, building an LMD version of Jemma and then Coulson and Robbie bargained with the Ghost Rider to inhabit him so they can trick Aida into believing Robbie wasn’t around. Okay, I’ll buy it. I wanted Robbie to take her out, but this was cool, too. I liked how Aida kept on teleporting back and forth between dimensions and in the end, it didn’t work and the Ghost Rider got the best of her after all. Her death scene felt pretty anticlimactic to me.

Not cool of the show to fake us out with Jemma’s “death” and with Mack’s “death”. In the end, I’m glad no one from the team died and that they were all able to reunite in the end, eat together like a family, and get arrested together, lol. What was that ending about? Was it related to Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, by any chance? And how about Coulson waking up in a prison cell (?) in SPACE?! What the what? Season five is going to be muy interesting.

Loved Daisy’s speech to Fitz that he shouldn’t blame himself for what happened in this world and in the Framework. It had to be said because Fitz would have been angst-ing it up all over the place and sacrificing himself to save the team. Good that the rest of the team feel the same way, as they should.

What was up with Robbie and Coulson’s conversation and how they didn’t envy each other? What makes Coulson qualify to have the Ghost Rider inhabit him? Anyone have any theories? May already knows there’s something up so this is one more thing that Coulson will try to hide from her.

I was sobbing during the Mack/Hope/Yo-Yo scenes. When Hope disappeared and Mack just lost it? I lost it. I was holding my breath the entire time when Yo-Yo came back from the Framework and was waiting for Mack to wake up. So heartbreaking. Yo-Yo was willing to die for Mack and stay in the Framework because she would rather die and be with him than live and not be with him. I wonder if the show will make Yo-Yo a regular next season (yes please).

Radcliffe’s last scene? Cool as hell how he just disappeared and the glass falling onto the sand. Very, very cool. He did good, that Radcliffe. He was a huge part of the problem, but in the end, he proved that he had a conscience after all and helped the good guys.

My favorite part of this episode (as the majority of viewers, I’m assuming) is definitely Robbie and Daisy teaming up to defeat that one Anton robot. Such a cool scene. Coulson showing up mere seconds after that badass scene and lamenting about missing it was hilarious. “I missed it, didn’t I? You two together and we missed it. Damn.” Glad I wasn’t in his shoes!

See you in season five, everyone!


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