“I’m trying to decide whether I’m happy or sad”

Episode Title: Living The Dream
Original Air Date: March 5, 2017
Episode Number: 1×03

Episode Description

Hoping to get under Renata’s skin, Madeline organizes a trip to compete with Amabella’s birthday party. After another argument, Celeste succumbs to Perry’s charms before their first session with Dr. Amanda Reisman, a therapist. Madeline gets called for a meeting with Abigail’s guidance counselor. Principal Nippal announces the theme for the Fall Gala Fundraiser. Later, Jane seeks Madeline’s help with Ziggy’s family tree project, and opens up about her past.

My Review

This was the show’s best episode yet and my favorite one so far. I’ve a feeling this review is going to be pretty long so you can skip this if you don’t like to read, lol.

Madeline continues to be the best. The first half of this episode was a gift and made me love her even more and Reese’s portrayal of her is absolute perfection. Madeline was on fire in the first half and I just laughed at all her lines and the antics she pulled with Renata. Their phone conversation? Comedy gold.

“I’ll even get Snow White to sit on your husband’s face. Maybe Dumbo can take a squat on yours.”
“You are so sweet.”

I’m still laughing over this exchange. This whole conversation is made doubly funny because Madeline kept her cool the entire time and didn’t insult Renata back and was being very civil towards her.

Madeline’s scene with Abby’s school counselor was also very funny especially the “As opposed to what, Arthur?” line. Reese fucking killed that delivery. I’m a bit sad that Abby has decided to live with her dad because we’re going to lose that Madeline/Abby dynamic, but whatever is good for her mental health, I guess. How cute was it when Chloe gave Abby a playlist? Who else wants to know what songs are on that playlist, btw? Chloe has great taste in music.

By the way, I noticed Ed staring at Abby quite inappropriately at the top of the episode while she was taking pictures outside. What was THAT about? Makes me think that it’s possible that he could also be the murder victim if it’s the case that Ed has those kinds of thoughts about his stepdaughter. Maybe Abby is not telling the whole truth about why she decided to live with her dad. Has it got something to do with Ed perhaps and how she’s not comfortable living with him? They’ve been living together for probably more than six years, but maybe something has changed recently now that Abby is turning into a woman? Just theories I’m spitting out which are probably way off-base.

Good for Renata for getting some. Aside from not being liked by Team Madeline, she seems to have a good and normal life. Successful career, loving and rich husband, good daughter. Let’s see if she has any skeletons hidden in her closet.

Jane’s story? Heartbreaking. I teared up after she told Madeline what happened to her and how Ziggy was conceived. The fact that she hasn’t told anyone and that Madeline was the first one just made me so sad for her, that she’s been carrying this burden around for over six years. Must have been a relief to tell someone finally so I appreciate that Madeline was there for her.

We finally learned what those flashbacks are of Jane in the blue dress and her walking along the beach looking disheveled. And now I have this crazy theory (seems like I’m not the only one who jumped to this conclusion after reading the majority of comments on here) that Perry was the one who raped her and thus is Ziggy’s father. It’s pretty obvious, though, so I wonder if this is a red herring and it’s actually one of the other husbands which would be a shame because I happen to like most of them except for Perry so I hope it is Perry.

So how amazing was that Celeste and Perry scene at the psychiatrist’s office? Wow. Just wow. I was so impressed by this scene because it was as close to perfection as you could get. The performances by all three actors? Stellar. The writing? Superb. The directing? Fantastic. Everything about it was perfect.

It was uncomfortable to watch and I cringed several times when neither Celeste nor Perry could, at first, admit that physical abuse is involved and I was surprised that Perry was the one who admitted it. Maybe it’s because Celeste was afraid to say it out loud for fear that she will get punished for it when they get home. You could almost see the sigh of relief on her face when Perry said it out loud for both of them. If the show submits this as one of the scenes for Emmy consideration, there’s no way it would lose the miniseries Emmy. Just saying.

Lastly, ending this with a few random observations:

– Anyone else amused that Renata pronounces Madeline’s name differently/incorrectly than anyone else? I’ve a feeling she does it on purpose because she knows it annoys Madeline.

– Seeing everyone singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams in the limo was AWESOME. I’m a huge FM fan so that made my day. I wanted this scene to be longer.

– Ziggy losing Harry the Hippo, ruh-roh. Jane is right. “Why does fucking shit keep happening to me?”

– This classic Madeline scene:
“She wouldn’t leave if she knew I had cancer.”
“Well, you don’t have cancer.”
“But I’d be willing to get it.”

– “I think he wants to fight me.” LOL @ Nathan. He feels threatened by Ed.

– Madeline breaking down in her car after her conversation with Jane made me want to give her a hug. I want a Madeline in my life.

– “Can’t make a perfect world. No matter what, shit happens.” True that, Renata.


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