“I feel like I just opened up a giant can of violent worms”

Episode Title: Burning Love
Original Air Date: March 26, 2017
Episode Number: 1×06

Episode Description

Madeline worries about the can of worms she’s opened for Jane. Jane confronts Renata. Bonnie tells Nathan about a secret project Abigail has been working on. Meanwhile, Ed and Madeline have a frank conversation about the lack of passion in their marriage.

My Review

Celeste fighting back and listening to her therapist to get an apartment – about fucking time!!! I’m truly scared, though, that Perry is going to end up hurting Celeste very badly once she gets back home for retaliation over her hitting him with a tennis racket. Him saying that she’s lucky he didn’t kill her…yeah, all of my sympathy (whatever little was left) for him has disappeared. What a despicable person.

Not cool seeing Madeline throwing up everywhere because I was eating during this scene, lol. Her and Ed finally had that conversation about the state of their marriage and how dispassionate it is, but they seem fine in the end. Madeline telling Abby that she cheated on Ed was a shock, but it might be the wake up call that Abby needs to not go through with this stupid project.

Jane and Renata being civil to each other was a breath of fresh air. See where being considerate and being mature take you? I liked that both of them apologized to each other and how they both empathized with each other’s situation. They really are on the same boat and just want their kids to be okay. Renata arranging play dates with each kid in the class is smart and might be the only way to solve this mystery as to who the bully is.

Good to see that the premiere of the musical was successful. It did make me suspicious how Perry and Celeste missed it and makes me go back to the theory that Perry could have been the one to rape Jane. How convenient that the Wrights couldn’t make it. Guess we’ll find out next episode during Trivia Night!

Can’t believe there’s only one episode left. i’m going to miss this cast and this show once everything is over. Will definitely be reading the book after just to see what changes were made, if any.


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