“Exactly how psychotic do you think I am?”

Episode Title: Push Comes To Shove
Original Air Date: March 12, 2017
Episode Number: 1×04

Episode Description

Nathan invites Madeline and Ed to a couples’ dinner to discuss a “parenting paradigm” for Abigail. Celeste prepares for a city-council meeting about Madeline’s play, and bristles at Perry’s concerns about her returning to work. Jane meets with Ms. Barnes, Ziggy’s teacher, who suggests her son be medically evaluated in light of further evidence of classroom bullying. While Madeline is confronted by a skeleton from her past, her internet sleuthing reveals a key player from Jane’s past instead.

My Review

Madeline just kills me and I continue to adore Reese’s portrayal of her. Best scene of the episode was definitely Madeline retelling Celeste what happened with Joseph, the theater director. I couldn’t stop laughing at her making it sound like she got assaulted and how she didn’t like it, only to change her tune the next second and saying she might have kissed him back and she might have put her hand under his shirt. I was laughing right along with Celeste. What a great scene. The chemistry between Reese, Nicole, and Shailene is amazing.

I’m surprised to find out that Madeline has cheated on Ed before because I thought she was a devoted wife. I don’t blame her, though. Joseph is kinda hot and I want them together because Ed is somewhat showing his true colors. First, creeping on Bonnie during her class and then making that sweat on women comment (he’s so gross) and then after they have their conversation, a woman passes by him and he looks back and checks out the woman’s butt. I wanted to smack him right and there. The guy clearly has issues and is gross, gross, gross. Run far from him, Madeline. I can’t wait for her to find out about who she’s married to because she will definitely let loose on him.

Meanwhile, I’m getting so uncomfortable every time Perry and Celeste have scenes together because it’ll only be a matter of time before he hits her and sure enough, he laid his hand on her again when she told him about the second meeting and how this might go to court. Guys like him are the worst. Possessive, controlling, paranoid, selfish, abusive. It’s a wonder that Celeste lasted this long married to him. How long has she put up with the abuse? She’s even scared to talk to him about going back to work and is asking the therapist on how to broach the subject with Perry in a way that won’t make him mad. Celeste, run far from him. Her and Madeline need to go and live together with Jane and just shun all men from their lives because they are the worst.

As for Jane, I felt sorry for her. She got rightfully defensive when the teacher told her about her suspicious about Ziggy, but I think the teacher was just doing the right thing. It must have hurt to have to take Ziggy to a psychologist, but it was the right call. If what the psychologist said is correct about Ziggy being bullied, then it makes me wonder who it is.

There goes my theory that the guy who raped Jane is either Perry or Ed. Well, at least it’s not Darth Vader. I wonder what Jane will do with this information and if she is going to actively look for the guy and get her revenge.

What were those scenes about with Jane running towards the cliff and then jumping off it in the end? Is that a dream or does it happen in the present/future?

How cute was it when Madeline couldn’t stop gushing about Celeste and how she kicked ass in that meeting with the mayor? That scene in the car with the two of them was perfect. So obvious why they’re best friends and how much they love and adore each other. I want a friendship like that.

These two Madeline quotes were instant classics for me:

“She probably just wants to show off and serve us organic quinoa with her kale she raised in her sustainable vertical garden, probably while she was meditating. So help me God, if she as much as teaches me how to peel a potato, I’m gonna go for her fucking throat.”

“Abby know you visit her Facebook page?”
“Probably. I leave comments sometimes, though under an alias.”
“What’s your alias?”


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