“One mad scientist is my limit”

Episode Title: Midnight
Original Air Date: April 28, 2009
Episode Number: 1×18

Episode Description

The Fringe Division is on the case when severely mutilated bodies drained of spinal cord fluid begin to pile up. After their investigation leads them to a scientist (guest star Jefferson Mays) with possible ties to the Z.F.T. bioterrorist cell, they are shocked to discover the identity and motive of the killer. When the kills occur with increasing frequency, Olivia, Peter, and Walter go to desperate lengths to stop them.

My Review

I noticed that this is the first episode JH Wyman had a hand in writing (he co-wrote it with Andrew Kreisberg – now a huge part of the DC-verse in The CW) and it was a good episode. Definitely a step down from the awesomeness of Bad Dreams, the episode before this one, but at least they built on the mythology in the end by revealing that William Bell is the one funding the ZFT. Dun dun dun! As if there was every any doubt that he’s behind all of this. Can’t wait to find out how Walter will react to this bit of news.

As for the monster of the week, it was alright. I liked that the husband sacrificed his life to save his wife. Him saying to Walter “How far would you go for someone you love?” made me go “hmmm”. I see what you did there, show. Valerie turning into a monster looked nasty as hell with those tiny teeth and even more nasty were the scenes where we saw the spinal cords of her victims turned inside out. Again, word to the wise, never eat while watching this show.

I feel bad for Rachel and Greg serving her divorce papers and asking for full custody of Ella. The guy sounds like a total catch. Not. Why is he asking for sole custody of Ella? Where has he been ever since Rachel has been in Boston? Has he reached out once to see Ella? The nerve of this guy. Peter is right. I haven’t even met him and I hate him already. I laughed at Olivia telling Rachel that she’s going to go into a meeting now when she was on the phone with Rachel on the way to raid the Chinese place.

LOL @ Walter calling Astrid “Aspirin” and Astrid rolling her eyes. I have noticed that Walter at least gets her last name correct since he called her Agent Farnsworth several times. I got a big laugh at Walter installing the clapper in the lab which cracks me up even more because of the whole syphilis angle of the case, hahahahahaha.

Very cute when Peter turned on the siren in Olivia’s car. He looked like a little kid. His quip after Valerie attached Olivia (“I think she liked you”) was very funny. Touche, Peter.

Lastly, loved this quote from Peter: “Beneath every cynic is a frustrated romantic.”


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