“Perhaps I’d feel more relaxed if my court were regularly tested for traitors”

Episode Title: The Shakedown
Original Air Date: May 12, 2017
Episode Number: 4×12

Episode Description

After a tragic earthquake hits Scotland, Mary must face John Knox amidst claims that she isn’t coming to the aid of her people. Elizabeth takes drastic measures after she is discovered with Gideon, while Charles makes a decision that backfires.

My Review

Honestly, the only romantic relationship that I care about on the show is Luc and Claude. I don’t care about Elizabeth and Mary’s love lives because they are and should be more about their romantic relationships. Not saying that Claude should be more about than just her love life, but Mary and Elizabeth are queens and should have more important things to tend to than who they’re in love with.

Luc and Claude need to have a happy ending because they are really good together despite Claude’s protestations. When the hell did she write that letter to Leith? Her being adamant about keeping her vow to Leith is admirable, but didn’t she make the same vow with Luc? Girl needs to forget Leith already and move on with Luc. I don’t blame Luc at all for telling Claude that he won’t give Claude his heart repeatedly just so she can stomp on it. Would be interesting if Claude finally falls in love with Luc this way and she pursues him and convinces him to give their marriage another try and this time she’ll be all in.

Elizabeth going away to be with Gideon is stupid as hell. Yes, she’s a queen and it’s hard being a queen, but that’s the life she was born into. She should learn to accept that she can’t just shirk away her responsibilities even for a day and pretend to be a normal person. If she really wants to defeat Mary, she should stop fucking around with Gideon and marry the Archduke of Austria and get on with it. Yes, I know that’s not what happened, but still.

Good thing she came to her senses and didn’t kill off Jane, but what the fuck was Jane doing there in the end? Was she just writing in her diary or was she actually writing a letter to someone? Now I feel like Elizabeth should have killed her after all if Jane is going to end up screwing her over.

When is Darnley going to die? He is annoying as hell and it irks me that Mary just doesn’t throw him in the dungeons or conspire to have him kidnapped by people who are connected to her and have him killed. He’s better off dead than alive because he’s constantly threatening her throne and holds their unborn child over her head. Something needs to be done about Darnley and I hope it happens in the next episode. Tired of his constant posturing. The reveal in the end that he was working with Knox is the final nail in the coffin. Mary will have him killed for this.

Meanwhile in France, shit is close to hitting the fan with Charles and Henri. Charles will, no doubt, have invited the English into the French backyard by beheading those two English noblemen. Elizabeth is not going to take this lying down and neither will Mary who will surely come to France’s aid if England decides to see this as an act of aggression/war.

Charles finally admits that he’s weak and that everyone else sees it, but Catherine. Sad scene, but Charles is not long for this world. Everyone at court seems to be backing Henri and it will only be a matter of time before Charles ends up dead or is ousted from the throne.

Lastly, loved this exchange between Catherine and Claude. They always seem to make for great and hilarious scene partners.

“What are you doing sneaking into my chambers?”
“Returning your earrings and discovering your pact with the devil apparently.”


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