“You know I don’t eat anything that has a mama”

Episode Title: This Is Us
Original Air Date: May 9, 2017
Episode Number: 3×22

Episode Description

Eddie looks forward to starting high school with his friends; Jessica considers moving the family to a new neighborhood; Louis gets the opportunity to expand Cattleman’s Ranch with his new silent partner, Michael Bolton.

My Review

i was shocked when Evan didn’t get accepted at St. Orlando’s, but Deidre is right. It’s really who you know when it comes to private schools and how much money you have. Doesn’t matter how brilliant Evan is. The Huangs are not rich and they don’t have an “in” into the school. Good thing Jessica is smart and took the opportunity to ask the guy selling his house for a recommendation.

Can’t wait to see how things will change when they move in to that new neighborhood. Does this mean we won’t see Honey (and Marvin) anymore? And Eddie’s friends? Say it ain’t so!

Emery doing his video just like VH1’s Pop Up Video is so endearingly adorable. I miss that show.

Loved Jessica’s life plans for everyone in the family. I laughed so hard at Eddie’s and the jail references, lol.

Michael Bolton’s cameo was random and fun. His rivalry with Kenny Rogers is hilariously silly.

Lots of great lines from this episode:

“We should celebrate. Turn on the AC.”

“Private school is a waste of money. It’s for parents who outsource their discipline.”

“The first step to doctor-president…”

“In this family, we don’t hide mistakes. We look at them, feel shame, and never talk about them again.”

“I’d come for your blazers, but I’d stay for your International Baccalaureate Program.”

Evan was so adorable in this episode. Protect that kid.


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