“I think she was murdered for being awesome”

Episode Title: Some Like It Hot Mess
Original Air Date: May 9, 2017
Episode Number: 3×06

Episode Description

To help Clive solve the murder of an irresponsible narcissist, Liv consumes her brain and literally becomes a hot mess. Meanwhile, Peyton learns some shocking news. Lastly, Ravi experiences a major setback.

My Review

Nice one, show. I had a feeling Blaine was faking all along and I think the majority of us did as well, so this wasn’t really a true shocker, but still shocking nonetheless. He says that he kept it a secret because he wanted to start fresh and change how people viewed him. This is funny because the fact that he didn’t tell Peyton and the rest makes him hypocritical and goes against his reasoning. He’s still a selfish bastard and was only thinking of his well-being and didn’t care that Peyton’s friends being cured. Hell, he didn’t even budge one bit when Major was dying. Should be interesting to see where he goes from here, if he goes back to being a bad guy or if continues living like NuBlaine. What was he doing in the end making up Ravi’s concoction? What was that blue liquid supposed to do again? Prolong and strengthen zombies’ visions? Why would he want to make that?

I’m glad that Major is human again and didn’t lose his memory, but no way would the show turn Liv back into being a human because then, there would be no show. Major visiting his mom (and her girlfriend?!) in Walla Walla and reconciling with her. Is Major’s dad still alive? So hilarious how he was with the ice cream in the beginning. Robert is so good at physical comedy. I wonder how much ice cream he ended up eating while shooting this scene.

Loved the scene of him with Ravi playing video games. I love their relationship so much. They are the show’s true OTP and you can’t convince me otherwise. I laughed so hard at the tear-stained envelope which had the letter Major wrote for Ravi. Liv commenting about it and Major taking it from her was priceless.

I really liked Liz on party girl brain. She was a lot of fun although annoying at times. Clive’s reaction when it was mentioned that the victim is the epitome of a party girl had me in stitches. He makes the best faces! Liv saying over and over that men are garbage had me nodding. But of course “Not you, Clive. You’re the best. You know that, right?”

So are Peyton and Blaine over? God, I hope so. I also hope that she doesn’t just go straight back into Ravi’s arms because that ship has sailed. For now at least. I still would like for them to end up together eventually, but not right now. Everyone just needs to be single for the rest of the season and for the majority of next season. Give Peyton something else to do aside from playing just the love interest.

It was sweet when Liv gave Clive a hug and thanking him for giving the past few years meaning, aww. Don’t worry, Clive. I don’t think Liv will become human any time soon.

Don E. totally stole the cure. That wily zombie bastard. Him propositioning Ravi to split $100K with him just made me shake my head. The rich zombie kid offered him $1M and yet Don E. only would only give $50K to Ravi, the guy who actually came up with the cure. He’s the worst, but entertaining as hell.

Lastly, one gripe about this otherwise perfect episode. Doesn’t anyone on this show text? It doesn’t matter if Liv’s voice mail was full, they could still have just texted her. This is the 21st century, people. No one leaves voice messages anymore.


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