“This is Raven Reyes and I’m alive”

Episode Title: The Other Side
Original Air Date: May 10, 2017
Episode Number: 4×11

Episode Description

Clarke faces the consequences of her fateful choice.

My Review

This was actually a very good episode and Ian did a great job at the director’s chair.

Raven Fucking Reyes: I’m so happy she’s alive and that Sinclair came through and talked some sense into her. What a great reunion. I was on the verge of tearing up every time they had scenes together. Sinclair’s belief in Raven never wavered when he was still alive and even with him gone, Raven’s imagination of him he’s still fully behind Raven always being there for her. “I didn’t die so you could kill yourself.” “The Raven Reyes I know doesn’t quit. She keeps fighting.” “And I choose Raven Reyes over those three hacks any day and twice on Sunday.” All of these quotes were perfect.

Monty, Harper, Jasper: I’m glad Monty was able to save at least one of the folks who willingly stayed behind and I’m even more glad it’s Harper and not Jasper. I used to like Jasper, but the character has been nothing but an annoyance for the majority of last season and this season. They really should have just let him go at the end of S3. I was afraid that his death scene was going to be a fakeout so I was just waiting for him to wake up and be alive again. If that’s really the last of him, goodbye and see you in another life, brother (oh wait, wrong show).

Harper saying those things to Monty so he would leave hurt. I’m not even a shipper, but her saying “You’re not enough to make me want to live and I am not worth dying for” really hurt like hell. Poor Monty. He’s way too good for this world. Now I fully expect he and Harper to pick up Raven on the way to the bunker. He did say he made three suits.

Bellamy: His love for Octavia is the purest thing and it was great to see him not giving up even when it seemed like he would never get out of that room. With an assist from Abby, he was able to save Octavia and numerous other people. Great job, Bell. The hug between him and Octavia was amazing and even more amazing was him saying “I love you so much.” Aww.

Octavia: Ooh, so is she sort of the default Commander now? I like it. Her never wavering once in regards to Bellamy coming through was so sweet. No matter what happened between these two, they will always love each other. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who cheered when Octavia double crossed Echo and banished her. I was cheering so hard! Fucking Echo ruins everything and I’m glad that Octavia blackmailed her into not opening her big mouth and then used Echo’s tactic against her. Genius.

Jaha: STFU.

Clarke: I understand her rationalization about not opening the hatch, but how high were the risks that opening it again would kill all of them or whatever lame-ass excuse she and Jaha came up with? I’m sure the huge majority of the fandom hate Clarke right now, but she’ll always be my favorite so I’m with her to the end even though she’s making these tough decisions that make her out to be the bad guy when she’s really not. Everyone wants to save the human race; Clarke just goes about it differently.

Seriously, though, what happened to this once great character? She was a shadow of herself in this episode and I disliked how she just stood there in the beginning of the episode and didn’t do or say anything while Bellamy and Abby were arguing against Jaha. Show, please let Clarke be awesome again right along with Raven. I’m not happy with this version of Clarke.


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