“To be human is to suffer”

Episode Title: The Return
Original Air Date: May 9, 2017
Episode Number: 4×21

Episode Description

Coulson and the team’s victory in the Framework is short-lived, revealing an even deadlier enemy looming against them all.

My Review

As Neo from The Matrix succinctly put it “Whoa.” This show keeps topping itself week after week. This episode definitely hit right in the feelings part of all humans and Inhumans. Just so much awesomeness this season. Now to parse this episode, character by character.

Daisy: Didn’t really do much, but she helped the team defeat the drone that was targeting the Zephyr and she and Yo-Yo made it in time to save May and Coulson. I liked her scene with Yo-Yo and trying to reason with her about Mack and why they had to leave him behind.

May and Coulson: I can’t wait for May’s reaction when the truth comes out that her and Coulson shared a kiss. I just hope the writers don’t go there because if they get involved, it could get really messy and would mess up the team dynamic too much, in my opinion. Coulson trying to lie to May about what happened with him and LMDMay was pretty amusing.

Yo-Yo: Oh no!!! I understand she was desperate to save Mack, but at what cost? I really hope both of them make it out alive because it would be a travesty if both of them die this season. Then again, it won’t matter if the show doesn’t get renewed. Please renew this, ABC!

Davis and Piper: gotta give these two SHIELD agents a shoutout for kicking ass and helping the Alpha SHIELD come out on top. RIP, Davis. You died a valiant death.

The Superior: It cracked me up when a new version of him would pop out every time one of him dies. I wonder what he has in mind after reading the Darkhold and how Aida figures into his plan.

Robbie: Hell yeah! Shit’s about to get real and I can’t wait for him to take down Aida/Ophelia.

FItzSimmons: I have not really been this couple’s biggest ship, but I loved their last scene. No dialogue, just tears and lots of it. You can definitely feel the emotional turmoil both of them are going through and what they have to do to get over and/or recover from this trauma. Kudos to both actors for killing it in this scene. Fitz trying to contain the tears for as long as possible and then loses it when Jemma touches his shoulder. Why, yes, I was crying right along with them.

Aida/Ophelia: Holy crap, Mallory Jansen was AMAZING in this episode. What a fantastic performance. I mean she has been pretty solid in all of her scenes, but she hasn’t really been able to flex her acting muscles until this episode and, boy, did she ever. How many emotions did Aida/Ophelia go through? Let me count the ways: happiness, being in love, empathy, scared, hurt, heartbroken, rejected, fury, hatred, and so many more. Mallory nailed all of those emotions. Damn! That really was such a terrific piece of acting in this episode. I’m still not over it and can’t help but keep on gushing about her.

How many more episodes until the finale? Is it next week? Say it ain’t so!


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