“How come when something doesn’t make sense they come to us?”

Episode Title: Ability
Original Air Date: February 10, 2009
Episode Number: 1×14

Episode Description

German agents question Olivia about her “relationship” with David Robert Jones, an escaped prisoner questioned months earlier now living in the U.S. The Fringe Division investigates a threatening case where victims die faceless from their orifices suddenly sealing.

My Review

This is one of my very favorite Fringe episodes and one of the show’s best episodes. This is where the show really took with the Cortexiphan trials and the mythology just snowballed beautifully from there. So many things happened in this episode that paid off beautifully in the end of the series. I’m beyond myself and just freaking out right now, lol.

Olivia not believing that she could turn off those lights and then successfully doing so was the best. Now there are theories that Peter coming back helped strengthen her and I believe that, too, but I prefer her doing it by herself. I was actually shocked at first when Peter looked like he was going to leave her there and then comes back because it seemed out of character for him to leave her like that.

Nina confirming that the Cortexiphan trials were also conducted in Jacksonville where Olivia grew up was not really the news that Olivia wanted to hear. As if her life is not complicated enough as it is, now she learns that she was experimented on as a child? Just peachy.

So Jones and company are trying to find all these Cortexiphan kids and gathering them to recruit them for his ZFT army? Is that why he went through all this trouble just to push Olivia to harness her ability? Pretty radical of him, but then again, this is the same group who killed two men by a unique way of asphyxiation. Extra much, Jones? And where did he go off to? Did he break through the hospital wall and flew off or did someone rescue him again? The “You passed” written on the hospital wall was chill-inducing. This is just the beginning.

Jones’ reaction to Olivia successfully disarming the bomb was great: “My God” with a huge grin on his face. He’s so pleased with himself that he was right in whatever sick experiment this was. As much as I dislike the character, I liked his talk with Olivia on the phone when Olivia was doubting herself: “I have one thing that you do not have. I have faith in you.” Also, I cracked up when he answered the phone “Hello, you.” LMAO. Jared Harris was definitely enjoying chewing the scenery.

The reveal in the end that Walter possibly wrote the ZFT manifesto was a shock. Loved how the reveal happened too. It was subtle and yet not. The lowercase “y” being misaligned and him waiting to type out the “y” after A-b-i-l-i-t was very cool.

Harris was back and he wasn’t missed. Good thing he actually got out of Olivia’s way and listened to her. Olivia’s retort “To get a massage” when Harris asked her where she was going will never not be funny. It’s the deadpan way Olivia says it that I find hilarious and Harris’ confused reaction.

Peter being all excited after seeing what Olivia did was very cute. He’s always the skeptic and I liked how he wasn’t being one in this scene, while Olivia doubting what she just did and rationalizing that Jones timed it and that the only reason he targeted her was to meet Walter, whom Jones admires.

Loved Markam and Olivia meeting in that rare bookstore. “I’m reading Advanced Forensic Science by Annemann. I keep it next to my gun.” Hee. Markam’s reaction was priceless. He totally got Olivia wrong.

Such a great episode and I’m still on a high. Six more episodes until the season one finale.


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