“Being fearless doesn’t mean you’re being safe”

Episode Title: The Transformation
Original Air Date: February 3, 2009
Episode Number: 1×13

Episode Description

When the Fringe Division delves into another bizarre occurrence aboard an international jumbo jet, freakish remains are discovered at the crash site. Memories tip the team toward some promising leads, but the bigger picture and mysterious threat elude them. With limited options and insufficient intelligence, Olivia and Peter go undercover.

My Review

I’m still not sure if John was bad or not, but it seems like Olivia was convinced that John was a good guy after all and was working for a Black Ops team that is ran by the NSA or some secret government agency, hmm. So my question is, why was John trying to kill Olivia in the pilot? What was that about? if he really loved her, why the whole car chase? Or was he not trying to kill her and was actually trying to just avoid being captured by the FBI because that would put his mission in peril?

Loved Olivia and Peter going undercover again. They made for a great team and with Peter’s quick-thinking, they got out of that jam by the skin of their teeth. Olivia seamlessly working in the code word (Christmas) into the conversation was pretty funny.

I guess this was the closure Olivia and the audience needed in regards to the John Scott arc.

Thank you, show, for putting Olivia in that tank twice in this episode. I find it surprising that she went inside the tank a total of four times so far this season.

Olivia stopping Walter from injecting Hicks with the sedative just so she can ask him to give her a name and risking everyone if he transforms right there was pretty ballsy. That Olivia always gets her way. Love it.


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