“Pie is murder. If you choose life, choose cake!”

Episode Title: Pie vs. Cake
Original Air Date: May 2, 2017
Episode Number: 3×21

Episode Description

Jessica is thrilled to hear Evan is interested in joining the debate team. Yet, when her protégé becomes so good that he beats her at her own game, she second guesses her worth. Meanwhile, Eddie and Emery team up to enter a comic book contest.

My Review

The Stan Lee cameo was AWESOME. I wonder how they got him to appear and would love to know the story behind this. The Persuador and Blazer Boy comic was cute as hell and I loved that Eddie and Emery based it on their family. Just wish they also had a spot for Louis in there.

Evan vs. Jessica was very interesting. The master becomes the student, dun dun dun! Except in the end, Jessica felt validated in that she’s still needed in Evan’s life (duh). So cute to see Evan in the back of the classroom cheering Jessica on and looking so proud of his mother.

I laughed so hard at Emery’s Nice Boy comic and how his superhero motto is “Everyone deserves a second chance” and that’s why villains always take advantage of him, lol.

Jessica’s mail rack for AOL CDs had me howling. Remember when we would all get that AOL CD in the mail and just automatically throw them in the trash? Gotta love the 90s, man.


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