“He was born first, that’s all he has to do.”

Episode Title: Dead Of Night
Original Air Date: May 5, 2017
Episode Number: 4×11

Episode Description

Mary and Darnley are at odds as their plan to seize England is put into action; Elizabeth is conflicted about her feelings for Gideon; Catherine’s son Henri tries to claim the throne from Charles.

My Review

STFU, Darnley. Oh my God, he is the worst. I can’t wait for him to get off the show because he is nothing but annoying. Him throwing a tantrum when he didn’t get his way was hysterical. He acts like a little kid and makes me want to smack him. He talks to the queen that way? Threatening her and ordering her what to do? The nerve of this guy.

Henri acting like an ass was not very attractive. It looks like Narcisse will be siding with him and this will pit him against Catherine and Charles. Will Catherine’s black magic work and keep Charles on the throne?

Love Rose and Luc together and it breaks my heart that they haven’t really gotten that much closer after all the time that has passed. If anyone has a happy ending, I want it to be these two. They deserve it.

Elizabeth will surely act on that threat to her life and Mary should watch her back. it’s too bad Gideon didn’t keep his promise, but I can imagine that it put him in a very difficult position. He loves Elizabeth and couldn’t lie to her. He thinks that by telling her, it would compel her to go through with marrying the Archduke of Austria. We’ll see.

I miss James.


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