“‘Climate change’ is my safe word”

Episode Title: Spanking the Zombie
Original Air Date: May 2, 2017
Episode Number: 3×05

Episode Description

When Liv consumes the brains of a dominatrix, her bossy and controlling personality makes everyone a little uncomfortable, especially Clive.

My Review

This was probably my favorite episode this season because it was devoid of the Blaine/Peyton/Ravi love triangle nonsense. I hate to say this, but I would prefer if Blaine and Peyton would only appear in a few episodes because they add nothing to the show anymore. I was thrilled when Aly was announced to be a regular this season, but the writers have done nothing for the Peyton character except insert her into an unneeded love triangle. And what is Blaine’s purpose nowadays? He’s nothing now that he’s not being evil Blaine. The writers really put themselves in a corner by having him lose his memories. He’s just boring now.

Dominatrix Liv was AWESOME and Rose really nailed all of the dominatrix-ness of this brain. I was cracking up at her asserting her dominance on all the men that she met. I would have loved to have seen her do the same with the women and I’m sad that she didn’t do the same thing during her first scene with Vivian. I especially loved the sketch artist’s (Jimmy) reactions to seeing Liv telling him what to do because he seemed scared at first and then turned on later on, lol.

It was fun to see old Veronica Mars character regulars Cliff and Vinnie Van Lowe show up on here again as their sketchy iZombie characters. Ken Marino has appeared on iZombie before, hasn’t he? Ken’s lawyer character is as weaselly as Vinnie Van Lowe. I cracked up at him saying “Are there any other questions you’d like me to expertly evade?”

I didn’t tear up during Major and Liv’s scene together, but boy, did I tear up when Ravi did his “speech.” It was beautiful and I just felt the love that all three characters had for each other in this scene and what they all have to lose once Major’s memory gets wiped out. “I’m gonna miss you guys.” Sniff.

Great to see Vivian again after disappearing for the pats few episodes. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just so attracted to this character and how the actress is playing her. More of her, please!

Speaking of, that meeting Vivian had with that guy does not bode well for Team Zombie. It would have been easy to kill him off, but it looks like he already is part of an anti-zombie group who are convinced that zombies exist and need to be put down.

Ending this with a few of my favorite lines of dialogue (there was a lot in this episode):

“Sweet Lady Pain” (this just cracks me up)

“I was worried you’d gone warg.” Loved the continuity of Clive being a big Game of Thrones fan.

“Sweet sassy molassey.”

“You want me to do nine different sketches? Did you see the starting lineup of a baseball team murder someone?”

“The people of Seattle rely on me as a symbol of wisdom and integrity. This stuff didn’t matter when I was doing the weather, but now I am their anchor, man.” I see what you did there, show.

“…The black cop and his pale partner.”

“We might have to reboot her.”

“Zero Trucks Given” (This was one of the captions that’s usually shown along with the comic still.)

“You’ll knock me off my feet all over again.”


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