“How insane is slightly insane?”

Episode Title: Underneath
Original Air Date: May 3, 2017
Episode Number: 5×20

Episode Description

Things get intense when Oliver and Felicity are trapped in the bunker together. Meanwhile, Lyla and Diggle deal with their marital issues.

My Review

This episode definitely gets my vote for the best episode of the season and this is mostly because we finally got Oliver and Felicity talking honestly with each other and being open about their feelings. It’s amazing how much better an episode is when you have people talking to each other instead of keeping secrets from each other. I really loved this episode, but I absolutely hated the last scene with Felicity apologizing to Oliver for being a hypocrite.

I’m unsure what exactly she was apologizing for and why, but I thought this was unnecessary. Did she really apologize to Oliver for lying to her about William? Even that sentence doesn’t seem right. Seriously, I need someone to explain this scene to me. I got the part where she mentioned something about being a hypocrite that she felt what Oliver must have felt when he was agonizing about killing and enjoying it and how Felicity now knows how that must feel like since she got a taste of it while working with Helix and doing everything she can to find Chase and get revenge for Billy’s death. I don’t know. This scene really confused the hell out of me. I feel like I need to watch this again just to make sense of it.

Anyway, the rest of the episode was pretty much close to perfection. The amount of Olicity that we got was golden and as a shipper, I was freaking out throughout the entire episode. The flashbacks…oh man, I don’t even know what to say. All the shippers must have been freaking out just like me, hahahaha. They were so cute and adorable and sexy and so perfect. Sigh. Oliver teaching Felicity how to do the salmon ladder was adorable. When he helped her down…holy chemistry, Batman. This is why I will never stop shipping these two. The chemistry between Stephen and Emily are as electric as the first time they ever did a scene together. That took my breath away. And then they had “bunker sex” and daaaaaamn, that was hot. I’m not usually a big shipper of heterosexual couples (the last het couple I shipped to this extent was Sawyer and Kate on Lost), but these two have me eating at the palm of their hands.

More positive thoughts: Curtis didn’t annoy and he cracked me up several times especially in the flashbacks. He’s an Olicity shipper, lol. Loved how he set them up in the bunker and ran away after the food came. Rene didn’t annoy until he uttered that dreaded word (“hoss”, which for the love of all things holy, please stop with this shit already, writers). Tina was there.

Lyla and Diggle made up and I hope they come out of this stronger than ever. Just for the record, I’m team Lyla all the way. Diggle was being a hypocrite for judging Lyla differently and holding her to a higher standard than Oliver. Yes, Lyla is doing horrible things, but what about Team Arrow? Diggle should know better that sometimes, you have to bend the rules a little bit to protect the people and the city from the evil people.

Did anyone else get really emotional when Diggle was rescuing Oliver and Felicity? I got so teary-eyed at the part where Felicity is hanging desperately on to Oliver’s hand and she’s asking him to let her go and save himself and Diggle, but he wouldn’t listen and did everything he could to pull her up. OMG, it was so good. I knew they would be safe, but still, that got me all scared and worried!

I noticed that this episode was written and directed by women. Kudos to you, show. Beth and Wendy need to write more episodes together.

Of course Chase found William. I hope William doesn’t die because I don’t need or want Oliver to have to go through that. The man has been through enough as it is.

I’m ending this review with a few lines of dialogue that I loved:

Oliver: “We are a good team.”
Felicity: “We always have been.”

“What are the chances Oliver forgot to pay his bills?”

“Did the EMP give you short term amnesia?” Heeee.

“Are you still Felicity Smoak? Your math is always right.” (LOVED THIS ONE SO MUCH. Probably my favorite line from this episode.)

“I’m chinning upping.”

“I’m not saying never.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
Cue all Olicity shippers swooning.


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