“Its name is AIDA… Artificial Intelligent Digital Assistant”

Episode Title: Farewell, Cruel World!
Original Air Date: May 2, 2017
Episode Number: 4×20

Episode Description

Daisy and Simmons race against the clock to get the team out of the Framework, but not everyone is ready to leave.

My Review

Insane! This show has been insane and insanely good during this whole Framework arc! There are not enough good adjectives to describe the show right now because I feel like that wouldn’t do the show any justice at just how amazing it has been.

I refuse to believe that this is it for Mack. No way would they get rid of Mack and someone who’s a person of color. I love the diversity of the cast so I would be so disappointed if this really were the last we’ll see of Mack. The scene with Daisy at the end was so heartbreaking and I just absolutely loved the double meaning of “Hope” (the name and the word) during their conversation. “Hope isn’t alive in our world.” Indeed. I really wanted Daisy to knock Mack out and push him onto the back door.

I’m glad and sad that they have made it out of the Framework. Gonna miss that place and the alternate realities of the characters. But did Aida whisk Fitz away from the real world and back to the alternate world? What was that in the end?? Can’t believe Fitz didn’t move out of the way so May could shoot Aida. I know he was probably in shock, but still!

Definitely going to miss Trip. His conversation with Daisy about all the women on the team and him fishing for information if he ever dated any of them…too freaking hilarious. I’m glad the show found a way to bring back the actor and this character because he’s always been one of the most refreshing and positive characters on the show.

Fitz shooting Jemma on the leg made me cringe. Alterna-Fitz really was going to kill her if Radcliffe didn’t step in, wow. Aida’s programming really did a number on Fitz. The guilt he’s going to go through at what he did in the Framework is going to haunt him forever and will probably have a negative impact on his relationship with Jemma.

That Aida making the back door a vat of molten lava was genius because no one could go to the back door without killing themselves in the Framework which would mean also killing yourself in the real world. Damn you, Aida!

Other random observations:

– Daisy hugging Trip when she first sees him and Trip being weirded out being hugged by a stranger was funny. “You can finish hugging me later.”

– Bye, Alistair Fitz. No one’s going to miss you.

– “How did a little pop tart like you evade capture?” May to Jemma. Cute scene.

– “How does the existence of an alternate reality come up in… in casual conversation?”
“I’d like to think it’s because we were bonding, though I don’t really want to speak for her.”
Cut to May glowering at Coulson, lol.

– “They just did not go and use the Bible against me.” Aww, Mack.

– That was pretty cool how they showed the Framework wasn’t real after Coulson jumped through the back door. Special effects were spot on.


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