“You two ding dongs look like you fingered the Incredible Hulk.”

Episode Title: Georgia
Original Air Date: April 30, 2017
Episode Number: 6×03

Episode Description

Selina helps monitor the first free and democratic election in Georgia (the country) and is reunited with an old “friend.” Mike and Gary hide evidence of a major mishap. Jonah and Richard have an eventful night out. Back in the U.S., Dan tries to help Amy.

My Review

OMG, this was hilarious. I’m going to pretend the premiere episode didn’t happen because this episode and last week’s episode have been fantastic and super funny. Everything about this episode was just firing on all cylinders.

Selina being bribed by the two Georgian candidates and her working with Minna was pure gold. Minna is such a great foil for Minna because she’s so serious and deadpan and sometimes oblivious to the words coming out of Selina’s mouth that it just makes for great television. More Selina and Minna, please.

Gary and Mike trying to hide their green thumbs the whole episode had me cackling especially when Gary was trying to open a water bottle in the background and then giving it to Selina later and Selina pretty much just throws it back at him.

I really lost it when Selina asked Gary to eat the soup and test it to see if it’s poisoned and Gary’s reaction and face killed me. I couldn’t stop laughing! I laughed even more after he asked Mike “Is there anything happening to me”? Oh, Gary. You are the unsung hero of this show.

Jonah and Richard accidentally ending up in a Nazi concert? Fucking priceless. I loved how genuine Richard was when he asked Jonah if he wanted to hang out together. That was adorable. Richard really is a real-life puppy. I don’t even feel sorry for Jonah for the other congressmen and women ditching him every chance they get.

Amy needs to get back in the fold asap. Now that Buddy has stepped down from running for governor, she doesn’t have a reason to stay with him anymore. Them being engaged? Minor issue.

And now, a few choice quotes:

“I will destroy you in ways that are so creative, they will honor me for it at the Kennedy Center.”

“Who’s your favorite character on Downton?”
“I don’t know. Abby, I guess.”

“There is literally no Georgian law. And I’m using the word ‘literally’ correctly.”


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