“Foolishness is right next door to strength”

Episode Title: Golden Frog Time
Original Air Date: April 30, 2017
Episode Number: 2×11

Episode Description

Chuck finds he has much at stake in Ice Juice; Axe takes out a huge short.

My Review

Like with everyone else on here, did not see that twist coming and I’m so impressed at how Chuck pulled off this master plan and fooled everyone including the people closest to him. Damn! The question still remains, though, will he ever get his money back somehow and that’s why he didn’t freak out (much) when his dad told him he used up everything in his blind trust? Chuck must have a plan beyond this because no way would he let himself become poor just to get back at Axe. Or maybe he’s so blinded by him seeking revenge against Axe that it doesn’t matter anymore if he’s poor or not? I don’t know what his plan is; all I know is that I can’t wait to find out next week.

Wendy could be the wild card here, though. What will the implications be of her actions when it becomes known that she told Mafee to (I’m not exactly clear), but that I know it won’t be good for Chuck down the line. Sometimes the financial stuff goes way above my head and it does in this instance.

Taylor interviewing the analysts to figure out how to fire was an interesting plot point. They listened to Axe and pretty much followed his advice that sometimes, it’s not always about the bottom line. Rudy survived because he was well-liked by almost everyone and he made a great case for himself.

I really liked Bryan and Taylor’s scene. Their dynamic is very Chuck/Axe-lite. Bryan pleading with Taylor that he could give them their soul back was very good, but Taylor’s rebuttal was also very good. For them, it’s all about the job and the numbers. It’s no longer about right and wrong, but I have a feeling there’s still something inside Taylor that gives them pause to do something if they think it’s not right. Case in point: them firing Pununzio over Rudy. There’s hope yet. Don’t give up, Bryan!

Also, I have a feeling that Dollar Bill giving Taylor $250K in cash to thank them for the Klaxon deal will end up biting Taylor in the ass big time. It’s all a slippery slope.


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