“Be patient with me”

Episode Title: A Better Man
Original Air Date: April 28, 2017
Episode Number: 4×10

Episode Description

Mary contemplates how to take over the English throne; Elizabeth struggles to find an appropriate suitor to marry; James gets caught up in a scheme orchestrated by John Knox.

My Review

Are you kidding me? They’re shipping James off to who knows where? Nooooooo!!!! I was not his biggest fan when he was first introduced, but he really grew on me especially when he proved his loyalty to Mary when Mary asked him to do so. He has certainly earned her trust in him so it pains me that he’s going to be gone from Mary’s court and we probably won’t see him again. Bummer. Someone tell me that the actor is credited to be on the show for the rest of the episodes.

James sacrificing himself so that Mary’s reign won’t be threatened really was the ultimate decision that he could do to prove his loyalty to Mary. He ends up losing everything and he’s going to be looked down upon by everyone for being a “traitor.” I’m also quite sad that we won’t ever get to see Greer and James get together. Yes, we got to see them kiss, but it just wasn’t enough.

Anyone else teared up when Mary hugged James goodbye? Yeah, it got a bit dusty in my room at that exact moment. Greer asking Mary “How many more people do you need to sacrifice? Was there no other way?” was pretty cold, but she does have a point. First, Lola and now James. Who’s next?

After being pretty engrossing for the first half of this season, I couldn’t care less about what’s going on in Elizabeth’s court. I don’t give a fuck about her and Gideon (again, thank you for ruining such a genuine and great friendship for SEX, show) and who the hell she’s going to end up marrying. What is the point? Also, I don’t believe Gideon when he said that he’s satisfied with being Elizabeth’s side piece because you just know that he’ll be all jealous once Elizabeth finds a suitable suitor.

Trouble is brewing in France with the arrival of Henri (funny how he looks older than Charles). I don’t think Catherine believed him when he said that he’s satisfied to be just the prince and to do whatever he damn well pleases. I kind of want Henri to be king over Charles just so we’re rid of Nicole. Not a fan of the actress or the character at all.

Poor Narcisse having to prostitute himself just so Nicole would tell Charles what to do. Makes you wonder who the hell is running this country. The answer is Catherine and Narcisse, obviously. Charles is just a puppet.


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