“You trying to talk dirty to me?”

Episode Title: Dangerous Liaisons
Original Air Date: April 26, 2017
Episode Number: 5×19

Episode Description

Oliver, Team Arrow, ARGUS and the SCPD kick off a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase. Helix tells Felicity they have a way to find Chase but they will need something big, and illegal, from her in return.

My Review

That was a great episode because you know why? It was Felicity-centric. Cue the Felicity haters descending down this post. Hi!

It pained me that Team Arrow and especially Oliver and Diggle didn’t back Felicity and I didn’t understand exactly why they didn’t. Diggle was not happy about Lyla turning into Waller and holding Kaden without any due process and I don’t know why Oliver was against Felicity helping Helix. Is it because he didn’t want her to descend into a life of darkness? Well, she’s already there. This isn’t even the worst that this team has had to do. Besides, her helping Helix was for a good cause: to find Chase and bring him to justice.

Helix getting the upper hand on Argus was a thing of beauty, I’m not going to lie. Just bummed that they won’t be a part of the show anymore since they said goodbye to Felicity and that they need to lie low. I do hope they come back and be the nemesis next season because I would love to see Felicity and the girl (I still don’t know her name) become adversaries and I’m curious about this Kaden guy. Them not taking off the cover from his head makes me think that they are saving the reveal somewhere down the line.

Loved the Olicity scene, of course. This show just can’t go wrong whenever Oliver and Felicity have a scene and no matter what happens, I will go down with this ship. It broke my heart when Oliver said he wouldn’t support Felicity’s decision and it broke it again when Felicity accused Oliver of not trusting her even after all these years and her supporting him and trusting him even though she didn’t agree with some of his decisions and actions.

Meanwhile, there’s trouble in the Diggle household. Diggle can’t even look at Lyla because she’s turning into Amanda Waller and Diggle just can’t have that. I really hope they don’t get divorced.

Don’t care about Rene and his daughter, but it was nice what Lance did. You know, I would hate Rene a lot less if he would just stop saying “hoss.” Dear God, please make it stop. It’s fucking annoying and stupid as hell. Every time he says it, I just want to punch him in the face.

The previews for next week’s episode looks amazing. I can’t wait!


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