“I’m too awesome to be left behind”

Episode Title: DNR
Original Air Date: April 26, 2017
Episode Number: 4×09

Episode Description

Clarke struggles to keep the peace after word of Jaha’s discovery spreads.

My Review

I refuse to accept that this is the end for Raven. I swear to God, writers, she better survive or else you’re going to have another angry group of people knocking down your door. That scene between Murphy and Raven was really good and it broke my heart when Murphy apologized to Raven for shooting her back in season one and putting her in so much physical pain now that she can barely function. I liked the dynamic between these two and if Raven survives (and she will), I want to see more scenes of the two of them.

Octavia riding in on a horse into Polis made me cheer. I knew that she was going to be the fighter for Skaikru the moment Roan did his Hunger Games spiel. How brutal was it when Octavia absolutely pummeled that female grounder’s head out of anger? Daaaaamn. Ilian can’t even say anything after witnessing that violence. Speaking of, please let that be the end of Ilian and Octavia. No more romances on this show, please.

This whole winner takes all concept is not going to end well for anyone. If a clan’s fighter dies, who’s to stop them from joining the other defeated clans and overtaking the clan who comes out as the victor? This is so stupid.

I’m glad that Clarke didn’t become commander because that would have been too easy and too many people already theorized that this was where the show was heading. Poor Clarke, though. All her pleading with Roan and Indra didn’t lead to anything and it’s likely a lot more people will die as a result of this conclave. Why can’t people get over their differences? This is a matter of humanity’s survival. It shouldn’t matter anymore which clan is at odds with some other clan. Listen to Clarke, idiots.

I don’t really care about the people in Arkadia who decided to stay. They can all die except for Monty. I bet him staying will guilt Harper and Jasper (ugh) to go to Polis and seek shelter in the bunker. Really not here for seeing more of whiny Jasper. Just kill off this character, show. He’s not fun anymore.

Did anyone else crack up at Murphy and Emori’s reactions when Jackson and Miller came back to take them to Polis? LOL. Priceless. They really thought that the rest of the team left them behind. That Emori is as pessimistic and jaded as can be.

It was nice to see Becca again, but I hated that she convinced Raven to stay behind to die. Screw you, Becca!

This exchange between Bellamy and Murphy also cracked me up.

“May we meet again.”
“We won’t.”
“Whatever the hell you want.”


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