“I’m so sorry, Norman”

Episode Title: The Cord
Original Air Date: April 24, 2017
Episode Number: 5×10

Episode Description

In the series finale, Norman Bates comes home.

My Review

Have a seat because I have a feeling this comment is going to get pretty long.

Wow, wow, wow. The show did that. It didn’t stay true to the movie with having Norman survive until he’s found out in the movie, but to be honest, I was expecting the show to end this way ever since they deviated from killing Marion Crane and killed off Sam Loomis instead. Even then, I was still shocked when Norman died. Again, wow. Just the way that whole thing was shot (no pun intended, heh) … I have so many emotions!!!!

Romero deserved to be killed that way for being dumb enough to turn his back on Norman/Mother knowing full well he’s unstable and has the capacity for murder. Then again, maybe at this point, Romero doesn’t give a fuck anymore and just wants to die and be with Norma because he has nothing else to live for in this world. Still, that was a brutal way to go. His last words to Norman definitely left a mark because that’s when Mother abandoned Norman and told him that he doesn’t need her anymore because he now knows everything.

This moment of course led to Norman snapping and suffering from short term memory loss (can it even be called that?) when he forgot everything that happened ever since they moved to White Pine Bay. Craziness. I did like the scenes from season one interspersed with the present scenes especially when Norman was having a conversation with himself. That Freddie Highmore, man. So good.

I’m glad that Regina survived and that was the last good thing Romero did before he met his demise. I really was scared for her when she got so hysterical while driving because I thought Romero would have pulled the trigger from behind and shot her. I laughed when she said that she could get hypothermia after Romero told her to start walking towards the highway. His response to this “Walk fast” was too funny.

I’m also glad that that mother with her two kids didn’t end up dead. Norman had a weird look in his eyes when he was watching them go in to their motel room. Who knows what he had planned for them! Good thing Dylan told them to get the hell out of dodge and that the woman listened. Smart.

I wanted to reach through my TV when Dylan was on the phone with Emma to yell at him to not go in the house and leave for Seattle. I was totally expecting him to die in Norman’s hands because it seemed like that was where the episode was leading up to. Just when you thought the show would zig, it zagged instead.

And now, Dylan. Oh, my God. Max Thieriot definitely brought it to this episode and especially in his last scenes with Freddie. From the moment Dylan entered the house and then resurfaced again in the end and sat on the porch, those were some great acting moments from Max. Vera and Freddie rightfully get praised for acting their pants off, but I think Max deserves to get the highest praise in this episode. He fucking killed that confrontation with Norman. Fantastic stuff all around.

As for the scene itself, I’m still speechless! I love this show and everything about it, but my most favorite part about it has always been the bond between Dylan and Norman and this episode perfectly showcased that so I was very happy. Dylan has always wanted the best for Norman even though he’s always met with resistance. Dylan never abandoning Norman this season after finding out what he has done was admirable (even though it had shades of Norma when he didn’t call the sheriff before going in the house – since he was still protecting Norman).

Dylan’s love and concern for Norman is the purest thing about the show and I’m happy with how things turned out even though it was sad at the same time. Dylan breaking down and saying sorry to Norman after shooting him and then Norman saying “thank you” after he took his last breath left me all choked up. Definitely one of the best scenes this show has done. Seriously, I’m still speechless and in awe over this scene! Words can’t fully articulate just how much I admired how the writers used the Dylan/Norman relationship and used it beautifully and having it reached its full potential. It’s tragically beautiful. Yes, I think that’s the perfect way to describe it.

I’ll just leave this here: “I don’t know what I want for you. What I really want is something that can never happen, okay? I want you to be happy. I want you to be well. I want mom to be alive again. I want you both to meet my daughter, I want to celebrate Christmases together…” 😭

And then we have the flash forward with Dylan, Emma, and their daughter all happy and together. I’m happy that someone on the show had a happy ending and Dylan, out of everyone on the show, deserved it the most. How sad that Norman’s headstone just had the years of his birth and death and nothing else.

Before concluding this long review, I had this crazy thought when Dylan sat on the porch steps and watched as Norman’s body was being wheeled out on the stretcher. I thought “Wait, is the show going to turn Dylan into Norman and have him become Norman Bates?!!!” LOL, crazy thought, I know. I actually would have loved it if that happened, but I’m glad the show ended the way it did. 😄

Lastly, I just have to commend the cast and crew of this incredible and truly underrated show. It has been an amazing five years and this show has become one of my favorite shows of all time. The acting, the writing, the directing, etc…all top notch and I wish everyone who worked on this show all the best in their future endeavors. If someone would ask me to recommend a show to them, this would definitely be right near the top of the list. Thank you!


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