“I’ll understand if you want to see other detectives”

Episode Title: The Art of Sleights and Deception
Original Air Date: April 23, 2017
Episode Number: 5×20

Episode Description

Holmes and Watson get mixed up in murder and magic when they investigate the death of a magician killed while performing a classic stunt. Also, Watson suspects Bell is being targeted by the ex-husband of his girlfriend, Chantal, after a false allegation lands him the middle of an Internal Affairs investigation.

My Review

I knew it. I had a bad feeling when Malcolm entered Chantal’s apartment so I was cringing the whole time during the last few seconds of this episode. She didn’t deserve that. Malcolm (and Joan, Sherlock, and Gregson) will unleash all kinds of hell to put Roy away for good. What a piece of shit this guy is. I can’t believe Chantal was ever involved with him.

The case was pretty good and very interesting. I liked how Joan and Sherlock figured out that the illustrator and the guy who wrote the book was the same guy. That was very cool. And of course, Joan noticed the scar from the carpal tunnel surgery and that got them even closer to the culprit.

Sherlock practicing the bullet trick in the beginning of the episode and thus scaring Joan like that was not cool. But Joan should have realized that was just Sherlock being his weird self (as the woman aiming the gun at him said). Sherlock taking Joan’s credit card to pay for the magic book cracked me up. What also cracked me up was Malcolm putting a USB stick in one of the honeydews and then Sherlock throwing it on the sidewalk and have Joan pay for it. That grocer was Filipino which I thought was very cool! They even got the subtitled translation correctly.


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