“You just rolled your eyes like the world’s bitchiest mime”

Episode Title: Library
Original Air Date: April 23, 2017
Episode Number: 6×02

Episode Description

Selina attends the opening of President Hughes’ library. Jonah gets advice on how to rise in the political ranks. Dan suffers through Jane’s whims. Amy releases an attack ad.

My Review

Now that’s better. I liked this one more than the premiere episode because it felt like the characters were being themselves instead of what we got in last week’s episode and I laughed more during this episode compared to last week’s. The only thing that I didn’t appreciate was Selina saying that line about decorating a kitchen when Richard suggested they also look at female architects. Selina is a pretty hateful character and hard to like, but can we at least have her not put down other women? I cringed during this scene and when she called those Smith students “bitches” and “shrill.” Less of this, please.

Oh man, I really thought Amy was going to lose it in front of that press conference when Buddy was saying his prayer. Amy is thisclose to breaking and losing her shit and I can’t wait for that to happen.

Gary definitely lost his shit and almost beat up Andrew in the car. No surprise Andrew cheated on Selina because men are the worst (not all, of course) and Andrew is on the top of that list. Selina really needs to not ignore Gary more because he’s always had her best interest at heart. Except, of course, when he makes a stupid mistake that puts her in jeopardy with the media.

Leave it up to Kent to conduct Jonah’s dates as an experiment. At least he’s putting his polling skills to good use. Not surprised Dan showed up to ruin Jonah’s third date who seemed to be really hitting it off with Jonah. Dan is just looking to blow off steam and since he can’t do it at his job, he’s looking to victimize someone else and Jonah is an easy target.

Poor Catherine. She just can’t win with her mom. I did love it when she said to Marjorie “I wish there was a way we could do this without men.” Mmmhmm. And in another case of Catherine being unappreciated by both her parents….”Andrew is very hard to get rid of. He’s like the herpes virus or an unwanted child.” “In this case, he gave me both.”


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