“You’re like the question machine”

Episode Title: Bound
Original Air Date: January 20, 2009
Episode Number: 1×11

Episode Description

Olivia’s sister, Rachel (Ari Graynor), visits; Walter, Peter and Olivia try to solve the murder of an esteemed epidemiologist, which may be linked to Olivia’s abduction.

My Review

This is another episode that ranks pretty high up there on my top Fringe episodes list because it focused on Olivia and this made me just love her even more than I already do. The woman is a fucking badass, saving herself and getting away from her captors. No damsel in distress here, thank you very much. I was cheering so hard when she slammed that glass on her captor and then threw a knife/scalpel at the other guy and then hit the third guy from behind knocking him out cold. And the smart agent that she is, she takes some samples from the makeshift lab and buries them in a pit. In the middle of all this, she allows herself to break down for a good three seconds before she goes back to being all about business. This right here? Just another reason why she is my favorite character of ALL TIME.

Also, she didn’t let Harris being a hard-ass stop her from doing her job. She still investigated her own abduction which tied back to the case of the epidemiologists getting targeted. She didn’t let Harris rattle her from being taken in like a criminal and her being handcuffed to her hospital bed. It takes more than that to rattle this woman and Harris can go suck it.

The fight with Samantha Loeb looked pretty brutal and Olivia was thisclose to getting shot herself. It’s a good thing Samantha is a poor shot while Olivia never misses and got her straight in the head. This is why I don’t believe for one second when Loeb said that they were trying to save Olivia back in the lab. If that’s the case then why did he order his wife to kill Olivia? Two plus two doesn’t equal four in this case. Peter and Walter are right. Loeb was messing with her.

I’ll say it again: I have never been a Peter/Olivia shipper, but these episodes are making me re-think my stance, lol. It made me smile when Walter told Olivia that Peter was really worried when she got abducted and then again when Peter said “I care about you” when Olivia said that she doesn’t care why Loeb’s guys took her, that she only wants to know why the epidemiologists are being targeted. And then the last scene with the three of them was very sweet with Walter saying that he was also worried when Olivia got abducted, but not as much as Peter, hee. Walter is the original Polivia shipper.

And this is the episode where we’re introduced to Olivia’s sister, Rachel, and her niece, Ella. The first scene was very sweet and the second scene with just Olivia and Rachel was sooooo gay (not using this in a derogatory way). I have seen this scene several times and every time I see it, it gets gayer and gayer. You know why? Because 1) the background music is very romantic and 2) Rachel is staring at Olivia’s lips the whole time. Oh, and 3) that kiss on the cheek. I was expecting a hug between them, but that kiss threw me off because it seemed way too intimate, lol. Yes, I know, I’m going to hell.

Ending this with a few of my favorite lines of dialogue:

“This won’t take long.”
“I’m sure you say that to all the girls.” (Olivia sassy as ever, even in captivity)

“You know what I can go for?”
“Don’t say food.”
“Cheese steak.”
“How can he even think about eating?”

“Killing epidemiologists with the common cold.”


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