“Are you tripping, Agent Dunham?”

Episode Title: Safe
Original Air Date: December 2, 2008
Episode Number: 1×10

Episode Description

The team is called in on a bank robbery similar to other robberies in the area but this particular bank has the thief embedded inside the steel wall of the bank. Somehow the thieves have found a way to defy the laws of physics. Walter thinks they’re after something of his. As the investigation deepens it all comes to a head when the thieves ambush one of the team.

My Review

This is one of my favorite Fringe episodes because it had everything: mythology, the team working perfectly, more Walter/Peter history, and lots and lots of continuity from the episode In Which We Meet Mr. Jones. Just brilliant work by everyone from beginning to end.

Jones escaping like that was jaw-dropping and perhaps the coolest prison escape ever. I was geeking out because it was nothing short of awesome and this is why science fiction is my favorite genre. You don’t see this kind of thing happen on a regular drama or comedy show. But how did Jones know about Walter’s safety deposit boxes? Who else knew about them? Does William Bell know?

We learned that Walter built this machine because he was desperate and wanted to bring a doctor from 1936 back to his present when Peter was sick and was on the verge of dying. He wanted to pull this doctor from that year so he can save Peter. It’s admirable and just twisted at the same time. Walter would do anything to save Peter (admirable), but for him to defy the laws of this earth and to ruin someone’s life by taking them from their timeline? That’s pure hubris of which Walter is not in short supply of.

It was great to see Loeb’s experiment with the apple from The Equation episode come to light here and also the Little Hill answer from the Mr. Jones episode. Continuity is a thing of beauty when it’s used properly, isn’t it? What does Jones have planned for Olivia, though? This raises, again, the question that Olivia is special because not only is she prized by both Broyles and Nina, now she’s kidnapped by Jones for whatever reason which I can only surmise is because she’s Olivia Dunham and no one else qualifies.

Nina continues to be shady as hell and I’m not surprised that Broyles accused her to be the mastermind behind Olivia’s abduction. Nina trying to have her team work on John Scott and to gain his memories because she needs them for something. Now she finds out that Olivia might have those memories in her possession which leads me to believe that Nina will do everything in her power to find Olivia and get her back.

How cool/creepy was it that Olivia thought she knew Raul and his wife, but instead she’s not remembering her memories, instead she’s remembering John’s memories? So cool. But does this mean that Olivia was in the Marines, like John was? Surely that would have rang a warning bell to her if she said that and it wasn’t true. If that’s the case, then cool that she was in the Marines. I can totally picture her kicking ass while in the service.

Loved the Peter/Olivia scenes at the bar. We rarely see these characters let loose and be uninhibited so it was such a delight to see the two of them hanging out, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. It cracked me up when Olivia went up to the bartender and introduced herself as “I’m Stephanie, this is my brother Rick” (referring to Peter). She’s right, though. If she introduced Peter as her boyfriend, that bartender wouldn’t have been too friendly. That Dunham is one smart cookie.

I laughed so hard at Olivia downing two shots of whiskey even before Peter got a chance to raise his glass for a toast. Priceless. And the two of them playing cards was adorable. I have never seen Olivia so smiley. On top of that, we got another clue about her being good at remembering numbers and just numbers in general. Also, we had that Peter/Olivia best friend conversation at the top of the episode where Olivia says that she never had any best friends and that in boarding school, her classmates called her “Han.” “As in Solo? That’s cute.” Aww. That IS cute.

We got another reference to Peter not remembering his childhood and/or Walter mistaking the box of toys as Peter’s and then correcting himself that they’re probably his own toys. Hmmmmmmm.

Other random observations:

– I got a kick out of seeing James Frain as Mr. Cole, Jones’ attorney.

– “Where have you been?”
“I’ve been working.”
“Where have you been?”
“Buying rice for Walter’s toys.”

– “I’m not brushing a cow’s teeth, Walter. You know I have real work to do, right?” Poor Astrid.

– It was cool to see Olivia shooting one of the suspects in the leg and chasing them on foot. See, those sensible shoes are awesome, aren’t they? Loved that Charlie was right there and even got to tell their team what the license plate was on the van.

– Speaking of, the license plate was 1R2D21. LOL, very cute, show.


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