“Do you ever wonder how we survive as a species without drugs?”

Episode Title: The Dreamscape
Original Air Date: November 25, 2008
Episode Number: 1×09

Episode Description

The team is called in to investigate why a man jumps out a window because he thinks he’s being attacked by butterflies. Olivia gets some breaks in solving the case from her former partner and that she is so desperate to rid herself of him that she demands to go back into the tank. Meanwhile, some former friends and current foes of Peter find out that he’s back in Boston.

My Review

Not one of my favorite episodes, but it was still good. I wish the show would put an end to the John Scott thing already because it’s dragging the show, imo. Yes, it’s all good we got to see Olivia back in the tank, but the whole thing seemed to be a bust. Except for the fact that it just deepened John’s involvement with Massive Dynamic and the Pattern. Poor Olivia not getting any rest or peace of mind because she’s being continually stalked by John’s memories

Maybe a week off will do her some good. Someone please look after this girl. She’s running on fumes at this point and since she’s stubborn as hell she won’t take off from work even if it’ll do her some good. But that’s what makes Olivia Dunham Olivia Dunham. She won’t take a day off to rest because a day off from work is a day wasted to save the world and make it a better place to live.

Hell, she was even willing to go back into the tank for a third time despite the risks Walter listed: memory loss, seizures, DEATH. Girl’s just like “And if I don’t, others will die.” Oh, you poor child. Why must you always carry everyone else’s burdens? See, this is why I love this character. She’s always so selfless and always puts the needs of everyone else above her own needs, her own death be damned.

So this episode put Massive Dynamic front and center as the villain of the show and Nina Sharp as the big bad. Interesting. They allegedly had the MD employee drugged along with the guy the FBI had in custody because they were planning on selling MD secrets to the black market? What kind of drug gets you to see things and envision your worst fears and get yourself killed in the process? This is such an extreme instance of mind over matter, for sure.

Other random observations:

– Who is Tessa? How come i don’t remember this part of the show in regards to Peter’s backstory?

– Loved that the show didn’t have to pretend that they were in New York while shooting that scene where they’re trying to capture the suspect because they do film in NY. Anyone else enjoy it when Olivia goes running after a suspect? I love these foot chases.

– Walter recalling a memory when Peter was 13 years old and would only eat coffee yogurt. Hmmmm.


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