“Criminals don’t really like people like you knowing where they live”

Episode Title: The Equation
Original Air Date: November 18, 2008
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

Walter thinks the abduction of a young music prodigy is linked back to his old bunkmate at St. Claire’s Hospital. Olivia wants Walter to return to the mental institution much to Peter’s outcry, but Walter’s determination to help ends up having chilling ramifications.

My Review

I have forgotten that Gillian Jacobs (aka Britta Perry from Community aka “The Worst”) was on Fringe! That was pretty cool seeing her play a villain only to be killed by an even more dastardly villain by the end of the episode. So Loeb is running his own experiments (or is he being instructed by someone else?) and are gathering all this information (Little Hill from the previous episode) and now the equation from this episode for something and I have a feeling it’s for not anything good.

Peter being protective of Walter was very sweet and I loved their last scene where he called Walter “very, very brave” for going back to St. Claire’s to help find the little boy. Peter’s smile when Walter said “Thank you, son” made me smile.

I liked Walter asking Peter that he needs more space and needs his own room because I would have gone crazy after living in a hotel for three months with no room to be by yourself except the bathroom. I’m surprised Peter hasn’t already spoken to Olivia about their (Walter and Peter) living arrangements. Must cost a lot for the FBI to have them in that hotel.

The return of the green, green, green, red lights! These lights appeared a couple of times in earlier episodes and the one that I immediately remember is the one where Peter gets kidnapped and gets tortured by this guy who was wearing a black beanie and in the front, you see the green, green, green, red dots. I love little things like this.

Other random observations:

– I didn’t see September in this episode or maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough.

– It broke my heart when Walter asked Peter “Son, is this what it’s like, to talk to me?” Nooooo.

– Olivia and Joanne fighting each other was great. We don’t see Olivia in hand to hand combat that often, but she held her own.

– Funniest moment of the episode was Peter unknowingly cutting off his shirt sleeves after getting hypnotized by the lights and Astrid commenting “What’s up, Chachi?” LMAO.

– How cute was that scene where Astrid and Peter are eating and listening to something and sharing the earbuds? It was adorable and intimate.

– Loved it when Olivia threw her donut in the trash without even taking a bite. She has better self-control than me.

– I cracked up when Olivia said “I took the oboe for six months and then quit” and then Peter had this look on his face.


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