“The moral of the story is, you get one life so you do it all”

Episode Title: Sic Transit Imperium
Original Air Date: April 16, 2017
Episode Number: 2×09

Episode Description

Axe is offered inside information. Chuck is pushed to end an investigation.

My Review

Chuck is as dirty as Axe. Chuck likes to pontificate about abiding by the law and bringing to justice those who brea by the law, but he’s definitely not a man of his own words. Just because he found out that Axe bought all the first editions of that Winston Churchill book, now he wants to have the same might and wealth to be able to do the same? Did I misinterpret that speech/rant he gave in front of Kate and then him running to daddy dearest tipping him off about Ira’s Ice Juice even though he knows full well it’s illegal? Someone correct me if I’m wrong and if I misinterpreted this scene. Chuck is getting careless and he could very well end up getting his comeuppance if someone finds out.

One other thing that puts Chuck in a real bind is the fact that he can’t use Sandicot to take down Axe because Foley is right in that, no matter where he starts in that Sandicot circle, it will lead back to daddy dearest which will lead back to Chuck and will torpedo his chances at the governorship. Poor Bryan, though. He had a real chance at the case and then all that goes down the drain because of what Chuck’s dad did. Corruption everywhere.

It’s a bummer Steph Reed didn’t really have anything concrete to give Kate which was pretty smart of Axe and his team, not to say anything too incriminatory in front of her. Well, at least she provided that info about the Churchill books to Chuck. And she also gave Taylor’s name to Kate and now the FBI is tailing Taylor and will keep an eye on her and watch her every move. Axe telling Taylor to go to the party and then just get on a private jet to go to their sister’s wedding doesn’t look good right now. Poor Taylor getting sucked in to this lifestyle. It’s a slippery slope and I’m afraid they’re going to end up as collateral damage after all is said and done.

Only Axe can get away with not showing up to his own party. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to go either. I bet the majority of those people are just there to kiss up to him.

So is this whole deal with Dollar Bill and Victor going to end up a win or a loss for Axe? If Victor is happy and doesn’t open his mouth, Axe could very well rake in millions and that’s probably why he agreed to have Victor start up his satellite company. Let’s see what happens with that.

And the truth comes out about Wendy’s ultimatum in regards to coming back to work. She tells Lara that it was part of the agreement that Axe will not have sessions with her instead of what Axe told Lara that he made it part of the deal that Wendy will no longer have any kind of interactions with Axe at work. The wheels were definitely turning in Lara’s mind when she was sitting on the seats watching the race at the track. Axe is in for a surprise.


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