“Am I required to keep him alive?”

Episode Title: The Ghost Network
Original Air Date: September 23, 2008
Episode Number: 1×03

Episode Description

The team investigates a bus full of dead commuters that appear to be fossilized and uncover a man who has visions of pattern-related disturbances before they happen; Dr. Bishop requests a piano in the lab to help him process data.

My Review

Rewatching this show is going to be such a gift because there are bits and pieces in these early episodes that give credence and pays off in huge ways later on in the series. I have also forgotten how funny this show can be despite all the craziness and this episode had a lot of hilarious moments. The team is starting to gel really well and we even got to see Astrid play a vital role in helping to catch the culprits by putting her linguistic skills to good use.

This was yet another episode where an old experiment that Walter and Belly did that has come back to bite everyone in the ass in the present which leads one to think that someone stole their files or Belly is commandeering these events for reasons unknown. Is the Pattern related to the two scientists’ experiments? Why is someone using the real world as their own lab? Things to ponder while watching this show.

Seeing the bus-load of people frozen in amber got me excited because amber comes back in a big way in later seasons and I just found this to be so cool that we were introduced to this this early in the show’s run.

We also got a little bit more character development in regards to Olivia and her conversation with Peter in the Bishops’ old Cambridge home was like an Easter egg. When Peter asked her how she ended up in law enforcement, Olivia said that ever since she was nine, she’s known that this is what she wanted to do. Long time fans will know why this answer is significant. See, this is the joy of rewatching. We pick up these hints early on which illuminate our knowledge and enjoyment of the show as a whole. Peter’s response to Olivia was very cute: “I think when I was nine I wanted to be a brontosaurus.”

I enjoyed, as per usual, Nina’s scene with Olivia. These two seem cordial on the surface, but there seems to be an underlying animosity and distrust, at least on Olivia’s side, that’s just barely skimming the surface. Olivia is more than wary of Nina and Massive Dynamic because every case she’s worked on so far for the Fringe Division has led her back to Nina and MD.

The conversation between Broyles and Nina in the end was pretty interesting in that they talked about Olivia and how they seem to be battling each other as to who they think Olivia should work for. There’s no doubt that both of them admire her talent and skills. But why is Broyles giving Nina that chip/key? Is Broyles secretly working with/for Nina/MD?

I see you, September, on the train at the South Station, eyeing Olivia as she was passing him by. Locating September during this rewatch is going to be a lot of fun.

Gonna end this review with a few of my favorite quotes, the majority of them were really funny.

“I wasn’t gonna tell you this, but he told me he loved me too.”

“You’re self-medicating with homemade drugs.”

“Am I required to keep him alive?”

“Ever considered a life of crime?”
“No dental.”

“Is this poli sci 101?”
“Not remotely.”
“Who was it?”

“You may also experience an involuntary bowel movement.” What makes this line even better is Olivia and Astrid’s reaction: they look back at Walter with this incredulous looks on their faces and Peter says “Great.” LOL.

“I believe that with proper demodulation, you could receive get satellite television for free.”
“Okay, fun time’s over.”

“Do you ever smile, Dunham?” — LOVE this line. Throughout this series, we rarely see Olivia smile so I appreciated that this was addressed early on.


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