“I’m not just a woman, I am the queen”

Episode Title: Pulling Strings
Original Air Date: April 14, 2017
Episode Number: 4×09

Episode Description

Mary and Darnley wed in a lavish affair, which proves to be a successful decision in regards to her political standing. James makes an interesting discovery about Greer, while Elizabeth frantically tries to salvage England’s power.

My Review

Great episode, as per usual this season, except for Gideon and Elizabeth having sex. Fuck you, show. Fuck you. In past reviews, I have praised their friendship and even lauded the show and its writers for not predictably having these two fuck and what do they do this episode? Yep. I take back all the praises that I said in previous reviews. Apparently this show thinks that a heterosexual man and woman can’t ever stay friends, they eventually will start fucking. Meh.

And with that, I am going to contradict myself (lol) because FINALLY there is movement on the Greer/James relationship and I am beyond thrilled. The difference between this and the Gideon/Elizabeth relationship is that I have wanted Greer and James to become closer ever since Greer showed up in Scotland while I have never wanted anything more but friendship between Gideon and Elizabeth. Now that’s ruined. It was such a beautiful and organic friendship, too, and all of that is being thrown to the wayside for the romantic drama.

But I digress. Greer and James are adorable together and I was smiling all throughout their scenes. James volunteering to watch baby Rose with Greer was so sweet. James understanding Greer’s dilemma with Rose and sympathizing with her was also very sweet because he knows how it was being called a bastard all his life. He’s going to protect Rose and Greer no matter what happens from here on out. Greer wistfully wishing how her life would have been different if she met James beforehand made me tear up a little. It was a good scene and showed us just how much Greer has gone through.

I really hope Emily doesn’t end up hurting Greer or Rose because of what Mary and James planned – using Emily to glean information about John Knox’s plans and secrets. Let Greer have her happy ending. She deserves it.

It was wonderful to see Catherine by Mary’s side and being a source of support for Mary. It’s too bad she’s heading back to France by the end of the episode. How awesome was the showdown between Catherine and Lady Darnley?? That was fucking epic and one of Catherine’s best moments. The two of them one-upping each other was priceless.

Catherine’s wedding gift for Mary was perfect: the crests of both of their families sewn/knitted together and framed. I laughed at Catherine’s response when Mary sounded incredulous upon learning Catherine made it: “You think that political manipulations and poisoning are my only skills?”

Did not see this coming, Mary being pregnant with Darnley’s baby. And now Bothwell has thrown his hat in the ring and wants to marry Mary. Such a sticky situation to be in. Mary trapped in this marriage because she’s pregnant and because she wants the English crown. Loved it when Mary charged into Adamo’s room and told him and Darnley off that she is the queen and nothing happens without her say.

I rolled my eyes when Adamo and Darnley were having their conversation about female rulers: “Women are not suited to rule, it distorts their feminine virtues. Hardens their temperaments. Makes them unaccommodating and caustic. Difficulties kings do not possess.” Oh, really? You can shove that right where the sun don’t shine.


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