“He was delirious, told the nurses his name was Lando Calrissian”

Episode Title: High Heat
Original Air Date: April 9, 2017
Episode Number: 5×19

Episode Description

Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a man Sherlock considered one of New York’s worst private investigators. Also, as Holmes stews over being beaten by Shinwell, he decides to take out his aggression by dismantling a local organization of private investigators.

My Review

I had a lot of fun with Sherlock being indignant about being a part of NYOOPI only to dismantle and rename and rebrand it as ESOOPI complete with the requirement that all members have to take a test that he’s made. I laughed at what the first question was. Joan’s face said it all.

The whole blood splatter thing was also very funny. Any sane person who would have walked into that without any prior knowledge of who Sherlock and Joan are would have thought they were both involved in some kind of murder. Joan being annoyed at Sherlock conducting this experiment in her bedroom made me laugh: “Whatever this is, does it really need to be happening in my bedroom?”

The case of the week was okay. The things we do for money, huh? The kid didn’t want the fact that he might have CMT made public because it would ruin the chances of him making it into the big leagues and getting drafted. So what does he do? Kill those who would out him. His coach was the worst. This is why ballplayers are so entitled. They expect everyone to bow down to them and cover for their asses when they get in trouble. It all starts young, too, as early as high school. Jeez.

Loved all of Joan’s outfits in this episode. Her in the long black coat, the black hat, and the umbrella was very cute. I think I loved her last outfit the best, though. Suit jacket, vest, and tie. Very sexy.


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