“My mother was always right”

Episode Title: The Body
Original Air Date: April 10, 2017
Episode Number: 5×08

Episode Description

Mother uses tough love to protect Norman. Sheriff Greene begins to investigate a murder. Dylan gets his brother help.

My Review

Hello, can we just give all the fucking awards to Freddie Highmore? He has been acting his butt off throughout the entirety of this series and has not once been recognized for it. Last week he co-wrote and came up with the story for that brilliant episode. This week he is the director. I mean, what can’t he do at this point? Actor, writer, director. He was terrific in all three roles and I really hope that he pursues writing and directing in his future endeavors because he is very talented at both of those creative outlets along with, of course, being a terrific actor. I am just in awe of his talent.

I really loved the directing for this episode especially that one very subtle scene of Norman/Mother talking to the Sheriff while in his cell where you see Mother’s reflection on the window. Wow. That was really good. I also liked the outdoor shots with the snow adding a nice bit of cleanliness and pureness amidst the harsh reality and ugliness that lies underneath.

As for the episode, of course it was topnotch, as per usual. I don’t think the show has had any missteps in a long time and I don’t thin it’s going to start dipping in quality now especially since there are only two more episodes left (noooooo!). The only slight nitpick I have about this episode is that I found ghost Norma to be a little cheesy with the glowing light. It was a bit much, but it was very sweet that Romero fondly remembers the good time he’s had with Norma in the house.

How in the hell is Norman going to get out of jail now? More and more, the Sheriff truly believes that Norman is involved with the murders of all these bodies appearing left and right. Her charging Norman with Jim Blackwell and Emma’s mom’s murders at the end seemed like the nail in the coffin. Mother looked downright enraged. Will she have the lawyer (hi, Yo-Yo from Agents of SHIELD!) use the insanity defense? Is she desperate enough to agree to do that? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Damn, Mother putting the blame on Madeleine for Sam Loomis’ death. Damn! That was actually a pretty smart thing to do since it kills two birds with one stone (if her plan worked): the Sheriff will have another suspect and it will sever whatever relationship is left between Norman and Madeleine. That Mother. Always so sly and devious. Also, that look Mother gave when Madeleine saw her through the glass door was so chilling. Freddie’s death glare was creepy and scary as hell.

And damn, Mother forcing Norman to throw up the pills and bashing his head onto the toilet seat. That whole scene was oddly surreal and fascinating to watch. Mother caressing Norman’s face and kissing him before proceeding to hurt him. Seriously, so messed up.

Oh, Dylan. I know Norman is your brother and you want to protect him, but he really should have told his suspicions about Emma’s mom’s death to the Sheriff. This is your way of protecting him, Dylan. Please have a change of heart and speak to the Sheriff next episode.

Lastly, Chick. This whole scene with Romero and Chick is a prime example of dark humor which this show does so perfectly. I bet the majority of viewers laughed when Romero shot Chick in the head while he was in the middle of his soliloquy because it seemed like Romero just had enough of Chick always talking in his own Chick way and that was the only way for him to shut him up, lol. And of course, Romero can’t have anyone knowing that he’s in White Pine Bay especially as an escaped felon.

I laughed at this exchange because you could sense the irritation and frustration in Romero’s voice and actions:

“What the hell are you doing here?”
“Dancing with newborn angels, trying to catch a muse.”
“Why don’t you say it like a normal person?”
“I’m writing a book!”

This show? One of the best shows ever. It’s definitely in my top ten, that’s for sure.


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