“She never tells you what you want to hear”

Episode Title: America First
Original Air Date: April 9, 2017
Episode Number: 6×12

Episode Description

Pieces fall into place.

My Review

Wait, what?! So Dar was right all along about Keane? Whaaaaaat?! Somehow I have difficulty wrapping my head around Dar and (God help me) O’Keefe being right about Keane. We went through the entire season hating both men for planning this whole thing and not once were we shown about that their fears/concerns about Keane had any basis. I would have accepted this turn in the storyline if we were shown just an inkling of this instead of both men harping on how evil Keane is. Show, not tell, Homeland writers!

I will hold out hope that maybe this is just Keane overreacting to being assassinated multiple times and telling everyone fuck you for what she had to endure the past few months. But even then, this is pretty hard to swallow, her ordering the entire intelligence community leaders be arrested for no reason at all except that she can’t trust them and that she believes they’re part of the conspiracy to take her down.

This is pretty bad. This is like watching “President” Orange’s administration bypassing every known law just so he can do whatever he damn well pleases. I really hope the show is not going to go this route next season because the real news is already making me mad; I don’t need this show to add to that anger unnecessarily.

In other news, RIP, Quinn. You died a hero (well, to some people anyway, depending on whether they’re for Keane or against her). But he did save Carrie’s life so in that respect, he’s a hero. Rupert Friend was awesome in this role and he will be sorely missed.

So Dar is in jail. How about McClendon and the rest of the co-conspirators? I admit I kind of got chills when Dar told Saul that there’s something off about Keane and how “dogmatic and un-American” she is. Foreshadowing.

I liked the scene with Max comforting Carrie. I hope Max follows Carrie to DC. They have always been an excellent team.

I really enjoyed this season and I hope the quality carries on to the next season. I do wonder if the production will move to DC or if they’ll stay in NY. Would be cool to see another show set in DC after The West Wing.


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