“I’m grounding you for being an asshole”

Episode Title: Freaky Little Love Poodles
Original Air Date: April 4, 2017
Episode Number: 2×08

Episode Description

Jack and Emma convince her parents that Izzy’s their surrogate, but then the throuple’s rouse unearths very real questions about babies and the long-term future of their relationship. Nina seeks out Andy’s exes to set the record straight.

My Review

Took me forever to find a download link for this. Should have known better to check here because the torrent link was posted three days ago. That’ll teach me!

Emma coming out to her parents was golden and I loved her little speech: “I’m a conceptionally-challenged bisexual. I like girls and boys, specifically this girl and this boy.” Izzy’s face when Emma was doing her speech was so cute.

I’m glad everything is out in the open now and if Emma’s parents don’t accept this, that’s their problem. Emma seems better off without her parents’ judgments about her life and her dad’s continual put-downs of Jack and Jack’s manhood. The constant mentions about queers and gays were very off-putting and offensive. I’m sure all three of them were biting their tongues not to go off on Harold.

Speaking of Harold, if you’re a fan of the movie Carol, you probably remember that meme about Harold and his wife going to see Carol and the wife saying “Harold, they’re lesbians.” It reminded me of that when Emma’s mom was like “Harold, try to keep up.” LOL.

Again, the show made me feel for Izzy. She is always being treated like an outsider, but I’m glad that at least she seemed to have gotten along fine with Emma’s parents. It’s just shitty the way Jack and Emma continue to treat her as an inconvenience so I’m hoping both of them own up to the relationship and not hide anything anymore from anyone, their opinions be damned.

Why do I have a feeling that Emma doesn’t like this plan of Jack having Izzy really be the surrogate and carry their (all three of them) baby. Izzy seemed like she came around to the idea, but Emma seemed so unsure. Can’t wait to find out more of her thoughts about this.

How sweet was it when Izzy said “I’m saying that I want to live in OUR home, not yours”? I audibly aww-ed.

That was a nice moment between Lori and Ava. Baby steps in both of them trying not to be assholes.

Poor Nina. She really liked Andy, but it seems he has serious problems falling for women hard and fast and this scares Nina because she feels like she’ll just end up just like those other girls. I do like them together so I hope they talk this out and address what underlying issues Andy really have and maybe this time it will be different with Nina.

Dave and Carmen embracing their suburban-ism and giving up on trying to be cool was hilarious and sad. I’m sure there are a lot of people their age who can relate to that feeling. Of course there’s nothing wrong with living in suburbia and being those types of people, but I definitely feel their pain to have to succumb to that. It’s inevitable for some people.

Random observations:

– So cute when Izzy said “Justin Beaver. So good.” when Emma’s mom said his name. Priscilla’s face was perfect in this scene.

– “Since I can’t drink or dance or make anyone like me, I’m just going to take a nap for the next nine months.” – This made me laugh out loud as did Izzy flipping the bird at Emma and Jack.

– “You’ve reached Izzy’s voice mail. Now text like everybody else.” – So true. People need to stop leaving voice mails and just text. It’s a different story if you’re using a landline then yes, you’re free to leave a message. Otherwise, no.

– “If you break up with me again, I will use those shit candles of yours and burn down this entire neighborhood.” – The continuity of Izzy’s hate about the pumpkin candles will never not be amusing.


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